Winter's Teeth (Sherwood's Doom #2) Winter's Teeth question

Where to buy??!
Leah Leah Jun 07, 2018 10:51AM
I’ve been searching for the second book for years now, and can’t find it anywhere. I live in Victoria BC, Canada. If anyone knows where to buy or could sell me a copy that would be very much appreciated! I’ll pay shipping too (of course).

Does anyone know when this book isn't coming out? It say she he's still working on it but that was 2015 it's now been 4 years like how long does it take ? Your a good author I'm more than halfway through the first book. But now I'm upset finding out he might have just quit writing the second book in pissed it's rude to do that to your fans and readers like give us a date of when it's coming out or time range? Or if your done just say there's no second book.

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