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Nicholas Woode-Smith (zaggeta) | 69 comments Title: Daughter of Mars
* Author: Nicholas Woode-Smith
* Publisher: Independently Published
* Publication date: 6 June 2018
* Format: Digital
* Description:
She escaped Imperia, but can she escape her past?
The dramatic 8th instalment of the ever-growing Warpmancer Series.
Re’lien, an alien girl from Imperial Space, has been living on Mars for years. Among the humans and other free races, she has found a home. But her troubles haven’t ended.

Re’lien has never truly escaped her past. Bad memories haunt her every night. But are they just memories? Or something more sinister?

While Re’lien tackles with her past, her new home may also prove to not be as safe as she once thought.

Continue the thrilling, galaxy-spanning Warpmancer series with book 8, Daughter of Mars. Follow Re’lien as she tackles the challenges of humanity’s capital, Mars and tries to overcome her own, tortured past. Enter the 36th century and pickup your copy today.

* Page count: 246

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Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 732 comments Book added -

Waiting for it to cache, then I'll add it to Series.

Done -

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Nicholas Woode-Smith (zaggeta) | 69 comments Thanks!

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