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Roz Morris (rozmorris) | 1 comments I'm more usually a fiction writer, but for many years I've kept a travel diary. In 2017 I published it as a series of lighthearted, affectionate musings about the quiet places you never realised might tell you a tale. It's set mainly in the UK (Cornwall, Somerset, Devon, Cheshire, Shropshire, Suffolk, Lincolnshire. Norfolk, Sussex).
Expect my childhood home, with a giant star-gazing telescope on the horizon and a garden path that disappears under next door's house. A tour guide in Glastonbury who is having a real-life romance with a character from Arthurian legend. A unit on a suburban business park where people are preparing to deep-freeze each other when they die.

But even low-key travel has its hazards, and I nearly run down several gentlemen from Porlock when my brakes fail. I take my marriage vows in a language I don't doesn't speak, have a Strictly-style adventure when I stumble into a job as a flashmob dancer, and I hear an unexpected message in an experiment in ESP.

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Jennifer S. Alderson (jennifesalderson) | 38 comments Not Quite Lost sounds like a fun and fascinating read!

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