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Central Park is an urban park in Manhattan. You can do a variety of activities such as stroll through the Conservatory Garden, paddle around the lake, and relax in Sheep Meadow.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 30 comments ((Sorry this took so long!))

Dia always liked visiting Central Park. Especially after school since there weren't a lot of people there yet; for some reason the park always seemed to be busier in the early morning or evening. She felt like she could do anything she wanted here, say anything, and it wouldn't matter, unlike every other aspect of her life. Since she had just gotten off school, she was still dressed in her uniform, a red headband in her hair. She still had her backpack and her lunchbox, which even here she didn't dare to open.

She found an empty bench and sat down on it, content to just sit there for the whole entire rest of the afternoon and watch people walk by. Most of the people were were just working out. Two families were there; one having a picnic and the other were flying a kite. As she sat there and watched everyone go about their day, she noticed someone from her school. After looking closer, she realized it was one of her friends! She quickly waved him over energetically.

"Come over here! Hey! Don't you want to sit by me?" She asked happily, not noticing anything off-putting from her distance. She eventually decided to just run over to him, which she did. "Hey, why didn't you come over?" She huffed, then noticed his red eyes, which changed her tone entirely. "Hey, what's wrong? What happened? Why are your eyes red?" Her very first thought was that he was on some kind of drugs.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 30 comments "Oh. That makes sense. I hate allergies so much. Like, I don't get them, but someone in the grade below me gets them like, really badly," Dia carried on, holding her hands behind her back, as her stuff was left on the bench. "And your nose will probably run if you sneeze a lot, right? Lots of snot dripping all over the place. Cool, right?" She laughed slightly. "But anyway, do you have some sort of medicine to take for it? Since I think the drugstore is having a seasonal sale and when I looked in their windows, one of the things they had on sale was allergy stuff,"

Despite her usual naive front, she figured something else was up with Daniel. The red eyes looked just a bit too red to be from a simple case of allergies, and he smelled strange too. She was still going to say he was on drugs. It wasn't an uncommon sight at all, but she wasn't about to call him out on it. What if she was wrong? that would be sooo embarrassing.

"Well, let's go to the drug store to get some! I have plenty of time to kill and you know me, I'm always looking out for my friends!" She suggested happily, pulling on his arm. "Lemme just get my stuff and then we can go, okay? And while we're there we can also laugh at the people getting stomach medicine. One of my favourite pastimes!"

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