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The steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many students of Constance Billard often frequent the steps during free periods, lunch breaks or just for a warm cup of coffee from the Café Habana stand.

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jay (jaysonstreet)
Lately, Kyle Harding’s nicotine habit seemed to have increased tenfold. He was taking long drags of his cigarette, but couldn’t get them in fast enough. Maybe it was a nervous habit, maybe it was the beginnings of an addiction. Either way, it was enough to have a cloud of smoke following him as he walked through the busy New York streets.

His phone buzzed in his pocket but he ignored it. Basically a self-centered narcissist, Kyle didn’t have a single care for anyone else in the world. One exception. He thought to himself. Falon Crenshaw. His girlfriend, who was pretty much his entire world. He lived and breathed for her, and wanted her to do the same for him.

Perhaps it could be considered obsessive, but Kyle didn’t care. He had her, and that was what mattered. She had him, and he wanted that to matter too. Kyle’s sole focus in life- besides cigarettes- was to make sure Falon depended on him like she depended on the air she breathed. He controlled everything she did, everywhere she went, everything she said... the happy thought made him sigh contently.

That changed, however, when he neared the steps of the Met. He knew the Constance-Billard girls frequented the area, but it wasn’t typical that you found boys there alone. The kid wasn’t alone though, Kyle realized. He was with a girl... with his girl. Quicker than lightning, Kyle’s cigarette was put out under the heel of his shoe, and he was standing over Falon. His glowering anger and jealousy were apparent to her, but not to anyone else who saw. He was good at hiding things.

“Hello, Falon.” He greeted, teeth clenched. Dropping his bag, he sat down on the step above her, taking her arm in his hand. It wasn’t obvious, but he had a death grip on her arm. “Who’s this?” He asked, appearing calm.

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jay (jaysonstreet)
Staying pleasant, Kyle nodded and said hi. The second his hand went around his girlfriend’s shoulders, he tensed up. He didn’t like her little tricks to get away from him. She shouldn’t want to get away from him. She was supposed to love him the same way he loved her. He would fix that. She had no choice but to love him.

“Super cool. Thanks, man.” He shook Henry’s hand enthusiastically. Little sophomore twerp, nothing to be jealous of. Still, he wanted to be sure that he wasn’t a threat. His arm stayed around Falon’s shoulders, tightening slightly around the back of her neck.

However, the second the kid was gone, Kyle changed. He was no longer the happy and supportive boyfriend that Henry had just met. He was a manipulative asshole with no empathy. “And what exactly did you think you were doing with him?” His voice was calm, quiet. It usually was when they were in public. Kyle usually reserved the yelling and full on rage for when he was alone with Falon.

His arm dangled down off of her shoulder, his fingertips ghosting across her collarbone, then her chest. PDA was his thing. He liked to make it known that she was his, and only his. It was a fact, one that wasn’t changing, and Kyle wanted everyone to know it.

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jay (jaysonstreet)
“I saw the way he looked at you.” Kyle was blunt. He left her alone for now, removing his hand from around her neck. “You’re beautiful, babe. Everyone knows that. He knows that too. But you’re all mine...” His possessive stare was back. His eyes bore into her, probably making her uncomfortable.

She was gorgeous, with her long dark hair and big eyes... that made Kyle even more possessive. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew Falon belonged to him. It was part of the reason why he was so worked up about Henry- he knew that he could see she was perfect, too.

“I don’t like it when you talk to other guys.” Kyle was rummaging in his bag for a fresh pack of cigarettes. Once he had it, he took one out, alone with the gold zippo lighter in his pocket. “You’re mine, and I love you. They could never love you the way that I do.” His words were mumbled now, because he had the cigarette in his mouth and was talking around it. Once he finally had it lit, he blew out the smoke in his mouth, directly into his girlfriend’s face. “But you know that already, don’t you?”

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It was cute when she scrunched her nose. Really cute, actually. His fingers brushed against her cheek softly before he took his hands off of her again. Too much physical affection would risk causing a scene, and as much as Kyle loved attention, he didn’t want it right now.

Falon’s comment pissed him off. He responded to it after another drag of his cigarette. “You’re gonna talk to them, sure. But i’m gonna be there.” He smirked at her, looking away but still keeping a watchful eye out. “Jusssssst in case. Don’t want you getting any ideas.”

Henry, he decided, was an enemy. Most people were, actually. Kyle always kept his friends close, but his enemies closer, which led him to decide that he would be with Falon when she met up with him again. “You know, because I’m your supportive boyfriend who loves you more than anyone ever will.” His smirk was back, and so was his stare. It wasn’t a reminder, it was a declaration. He made it known as often as possible that she was nothing without him, that if she left, her life would be over.

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jay (jaysonstreet)
Hearing Falon agree with him had him nodding contently. Kyle liked it when she did whatever he said. It wasn’t often, but that would change soon. His eyes were fixed on her for a while, but were interrupted by a friend of his plopping onto the stairs next to him. They greeted each other and struck up a conversation, but not for long.

“Falon and I were just talking about our plans for tonight.” Kyle winked, rubbing her knee. The other male responded by telling them about a party that was going to be happening tonight. It was Kyle’s friend hosting, so drugs and alcohol were a given. Once he had left, Kyle was able to focus his full attention on Falon, staring at her again as he continued to rub her knee.

“Cancel your plans for tonight.” He said softly. His voice was quiet still, a bit rough as he was still smoking. “We’re going to that party. And you’re gonna let me pick out your outfit.” Kyle added, ideas already flooding his head. Nothing too trashy, for the sake of both of their reputations, but certainly something revealing.

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