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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. PNR psychic/magic (UF?), psychic who was a sometimes police consultant now hiding away on family farm is called to a crime scene former ex is running...bad juju there

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message 1: by Searcy (new)

Searcy I have been unable to locate a book that I've been looking for for a while now. Hope y'all can help! It was definitely PNR... UF I think. So I am hoping one of you will recognize it?

MC is a psychic (emotionally fragile/damaged one) who used to occasionally consult with the police on cases. She has been hiding out at a family farm out in the sticks to be away from people and not trigger her gift. She is called in on a case, but when she gets to the crime scene, her ex (the lead detective) didn't know she was coming and tries to get her to leave, though he eventually realizes she might be able to help. Was a horrific murder in the woods (tied to a tree I think). When she gets there and touches the body she gets visions of something really dark (an entity or sacrificial ritual or something like that).

Ring any bells for anyone? *fingers crossed*

message 2: by Searcy (new)

Searcy I recall that the cop (her ex) never really believed in what she said she did, or tried not to anyway. And he was a bit of a chauvinistic prick who didn't appreciate her. I think he was embarrassed by her. But he starts to believe in her during this ugly case.

I recall that initial scene being in a clearing, body from a ritual murder in front of or tied to a tree. And when she touched him, she saw the murder. Might have been some sort of athame involved.

Anyone have any clues?

message 3: by Searcy (new)

Searcy Finally found it!

Rune Gate (Rune Gate Cycle, #1) by Mark E. Cooper Rune Gate

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