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message 1: by Liz M (last edited Jul 17, 2018 07:26AM) (new)

Liz M | 194 comments Home country = USA
Traveling to: Airport Schiphol
Location of updates: I will be posting primarily on Litsy and Goodreads.

Status: Heading to the train station
Current location: Amsterdam --> Germany
Currently reading:
Current score: 1

Netherlands: All Souls' Day , The Garden Where the Brass Band Played
Germany: Death in Rome, Pavel's Letters, Couples, Passersby, The German Lesson
Switzerland: Homo Faber
France: Under Fire, Nana, The Opposing Shore, Exercises in Style
Italy: As a Man Grows Older, The Child Of Pleasure, One, No One and One Hundred Thousand, Death in Rome
Slovenia: Alamut, A Day in Spring
Austria: The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick
Czechia: The Castle
Poland: Dog Years, The Magician of Lublin
Ukraine: The Cathedral
Russia: The Life of Insects, A Lear of the Steppes
Norway: Alberta and Jacob
Sweden: By the Open Sea, The Book About Blanche and Marie

message 2: by Liz M (new)

Liz M | 194 comments I have finally landed in Airport Schiphol, jet-lagged out of my mind. I wish I had traveled in the fall and had All Souls' Day to recover.

message 3: by Liz M (last edited Jul 17, 2018 07:25AM) (new)

Liz M | 194 comments I had a lovely, walking-and-talking visit with Dutch documentary filmmaker, Arthur Daane on All Souls Day. And I only almost got run over by a bicyclist once!

I am sad to leave this land of canals and stroopwafels, but Daane spent so much time reminiscing about Berlin that I am hankering to head to Germany.

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