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Rach I (snipsterxx) | 11 comments Hi guys

I'm looking for beta readers for the first six chapters of my contemporary romance novel (you can read the rest if you want).

It's completed at 105k words, relatively polished, and I'm looking for feedback on the first six chapters specifically as I gear up to start querying.

Synopsis below. PM me or let me know below if you're interested.

Alison meets Ben when she moves to London and starts nannying for a wealthy family. Opposites on first glance, but similar where it counts, Alison and Ben bicker every chance they get, concealing their affections for each other with witty taunts that drive each other and their friends crazy.

While Alison battles with exploring who she is, who she wants to be, and dealing with her feelings for Ben in a world where everyone is watched and everyone is scrutinised, self-assured Ben's past catches up to him and threatens to expose everything he’s concealed from Alison. Pushed by inquisitive Alison, Ben lets her in on the secrets, including why he was expelled from Cambridge University.

The will-they-or-won’t-they game is played out against a backdrop of big-brother social media, West London societal pressures, and the continued threat from Ben’s past. With relationships tested and nothing as it seems, Alison and Ben realize they’re up against something greater than their unresolved feelings for each other.

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Christine Kaulfers Vonderhaar | 5 comments Interested, but when I click on your name it says author not found?

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Rach I (snipsterxx) | 11 comments Just messaged you now :)

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Rach I (snipsterxx) | 11 comments Anyone else keen?

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