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message 1: by E.M.G. (new)

E.M.G. Wixley (stalkingshadows) | 1 comments I liked that the writer established the family relationships so clearly at the start: the maudlin, alcoholic, cigarette-sucking mother; Isobel, the discontented, thumb-sucking teenager who longs for freedom and adventure. Well, she gets it!
The relative normality of the beginning provides a good contrast to what follows.

There is a good sense of place and the atmosphere of the countryside they find themselves in: "... as they walked through the dark throat of trees where the occasional shot of moonlight punched down onto twisted branches" and " ... the darkness teeming with life: glow worms, foxes, large moths ..." as well as a chilling image of a "plague of toads". All this sinister nature effectively builds the atmosphere and sets the scene for the grotesqueness of the struggle between good and evil that follows.

Wixley is good at showing us disturbed and fantastical characters. The particularly loathsome Bishop Francis, his brutality disguised as "fake compassion", whips up mass hysteria through fear; after his bizarre metamorphosis, he gloats that "fear is a great thing" as his victims are "... transformed into hollowness, free of emotions and dreams, unable to see the beauty in a flower, a sunset, a human face."
The horrid opponents to peace and justice keep coming: "Here was a magnificent beast, a black furred wolf-like creature" and "a creature of some height, neither man nor woman, a vision of shimmering blue-green ..." As the plague eats into the population, good people are pushed to the limits of their endurance. The exhausted Prime Minister has his work cut out!

The dreadful Francis is remorseless, devoid of emotional affect. After he slaughters the soldiers "like a farmer swiftly scything down the hay", he matter-of-factly tells his servant to "just sweep it all up".

This is the stuff of nightmares! Vividly described horrors. I told myself I must stop reading, but ... well, maybe later ... no, just a bit more. Aahhhhhh! It's over!In the Devil's Own Words In the Devil's Own Words by Elizabeth Wixley

message 2: by Alexa (new)

Alexa Dinnago (sagacitylust) | 2 comments Larissa Ione was my first try and I devoured the series. I really like it a lot and I'd be very much obliged if anyone can give me similar type of books.

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