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message 1: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 11 comments Hello everyone!
I need some help in remembering a paranormal romance series I read sometime ago, can't remember the name of the series or the author. More than 3 parts of the series have been released, it is an amazing read full of heroes with extraordinary abilities, bad witches and deadly vampires, a committee of gods based on the concept of Earth's 5 elements, and has a character named Dominic. In one of the parts, anorexia has been discussed as well. If anyone knows or remembers reading something like that, kindly let me know. Thank you so much. 😊

message 2: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 11 comments Some additional details:
In one part of the series, the leader of the heroes gets united with the woman he loves. He was tortured by a powerful witch in the past and he overcomes his past fears to be with his loved one. The heroes also have animals tattooed on them, they need to keep them in control though. These tattoos can come alive and move around their bodies when not controlled. The leader, for example, has a snake tattoo on his shoulder I guess. Then, in one part, one of the heroes conquers an evil scientist who was experimenting on their kind and had previously killed one of their members, he also rescues a girl from there, turns out she was the daughter of the leader hero and has special powers as well. Then there is this character named Dominic who falls in love with a witch who drinks vampire blood and then turns into a vampire as well, I haven't read their story yet. I really can't remember the name of the characters. 😖 But it an amazing series, full of twists and it is well written. I remember I couldn't put it down, I read it so fast, can't remember its name now.

message 3: by Raksha (new)

Raksha R Some of this reminds me of The Vampire Diaries. I haven't read it though so I may be wrong 😅

message 4: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 11 comments #Raksha No, it is not vampire diaries. Haven't read it, is it good? 😄

message 5: by imts (new)

imts (heirofinkandpaper) | 285 comments Is it by any chance The Vampire...In My Dreams by Terry Lee?

message 6: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 11 comments #imts No, that's not it. The vampires here are the villains.
Maybe this will help, these are more finely put details (sorry it is a little too long) -
The book (series) I'm looking for is a paranormal romance series, the author (though I'm not sure) is a female, parts of the series were yet to be released when I read it. Each novel has point of views of both the male and female partners, also of other characters since the plot demands it. Each novel ends with an event to be continued in the next. There are numerous characters in the series, they can be grouped as follows-
1. A group of heroes with supernatural abilities, both male and female.
2. A superior committee of gods based on the Earth's five elements including fire, water, air. The heroes are answerable to the gods.
3. Antagonists- Vampires with deadly blood and witches. The notorious vampires are to be killed by the rule of gods.
The plot as I remember:
1. The first part of the series is about a hero who has come in contact with vampire blood and is in the midst of transitioning. He is in hiding to escape the wrath of the committee of gods. The idea is that vampire blood is deadly, once drunk or bitten by a vamp, the hero either dies or turns into a vampire slave to a vampire master. Very rarely does one hero successfully avoids being turned into a vampire, the process is very very painful. The female lead here thinks of herself as a human but is found to be a hero as well.
*SPOILER ALERT* The hero survives, gets united with his loved one, surrenders himself to the committee, is found innocent with the help of the leader of his group. The female hero has the power of communicating with others by establishing a mind link, she learns to use her power and can locate others as well.
2. Another part of the series is about the main leader of heroes, he is responsible for the protection of all, he is the oldest among all the heroes, has a snake tattoo on his shoulder and back which he has to control otherwise he loses his sense of reality destroying everything thing in his wake. He also represents the group in front of committee of gods. He has a very painful past that he needs to overcome to be with his loved one.
*SPOILER ALERT* The hero was tortured and kept as a captor by a witch for a lot of time. He was forced to cheat on his loved one in order to protect his kind. The female lead had a baby with him she never told him about. She was told that her daughter had died after birth though later we come to know that her daughter was stolen for her powers. They all get united at the end though.
3. Another novel is about a hero who saves a damsel from an evil scientist who was experimenting on their kind and had killed one of their members. This book also discusses anorexia.
*SPOILER ALERT* The female he rescues turns out to be the leader's lost daughter.
4. In the books described above we get glimpses of a character named "Dominic" (I'm not sure now that his name was this only), he is one of the heroes, his part was yet to be released then. Dominic falls in love with a witch who is being fooled by a vampire.
*SPOILER ALERT* Dominic has a one night stand with a girl, who confronts him after sometime. Turns out, she was a witch, is pregnant with his child and has drunk vampire blood. Dominic with the help of fellow members decides to help the witch, he takes full responsibility for her and his child, though she turns into a vampire and loses the baby as well. Dominic is separated from her and falls madly in love with her.

message 7: by imts (new)

imts (heirofinkandpaper) | 285 comments wow so basically you remember everything but the name... that must suck

anyhow i poked around on the internet and found a few possibilities:
1. the circle trilogy by nora roberts
2. the leopard king by ann aguire
3. the unleashing by shelly laurenston
4. a hunger like no other by kresley cole

i know these books don't have all the elements you mentioned, and i cant confirm some of them because i haven't read a single one of the books i suggested (heh) but i hope you somehow find it!

message 8: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 11 comments #imts Yes, it really sucks. but thank you so much for all your help. I'll definitely look into your suggestions. Thank you. 😄

message 9: by Rasa (new)

Rasa Ievkalne | 42 comments Hey,could it be part of "Otherworld" series by Kelley Armstrong?She have intertwined series featuring every paranormal being from gosts to vamps to witches to wearwolfs to necromancers?I have not read every single one of them so i don't know if it is what you are looking for though.

You can also try to type in key words in google search,sometimes it pops out correct book.Good luck and if you find it,then remember to post it here as now you have intrigued other people.

message 10: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 11 comments #Rasa No, that's not it either. I'll definitely post the name as soon as I get to know it myself. 😂
Thank you so much for your reply and help! 😊

message 11: by Junior (new)

Junior Araujo (geedesjr) Dark Prince (Dark series). A few books later a character named Dominic drinks vampire blood and turns into one to invade enemy camp. Maybe?

message 12: by Crazybeing (new)

Crazybeing (radhikareads) | 11 comments #Junior Nope. :(
But thank you very much for your reply. 😊

M (aka DarkBeauty73) (darkbeauty73) | 7 comments oh I got to know now what the series is called it sounds awesome. hope you find out what it is.

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