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What do you think about christian gray relationship with Mrs robinson(especially that DILDO thing)

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Reza Nisse i think girls wont like it

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see it helped christian to escape his mom and other things and mrs robbinson helped him to be someone to stand tall in field of academics and bussiness but at the same time threw her in a room who christian tried to come out till the very end. robbinson made him strong emotionally and academically but broke her in every way morally . the didldo thing was unappropriate... but through the black clouds .. the came a beam of sunshine , name anastasia steele. only at the death bed wil a person realise the person who broke us in a way made us.

Mayko I think people like her should be put in jail. I don't care how much he thinks she helped him.

Shai Manx it sucks.

Erika I don't remember anything about Mrs. Robinson/Christian and a dildo. I wish I did, but let's be honest about the situation. Is it morally right? No. Would I be heartbroken if it was my son? Absolutely, but look at it this way: here is a rebellious teenage boy, he has this hot older woman wanting to teach him all these things about sex and at the same time she motivates him. Most teenage boys would love to be in that situation! Her practicing BDSM on him doesn't really make a difference. It's sex and many guys would be appreciative of learning all about sex that way.

Emma-Louise Mayko wrote: "I think people like her should be put in jail. I don't care how much he thinks she helped him."

Comments such as this one really requires a like button. (Goodreads take note.) It is never alright to have sex with a minor vanilla or otherwise.

Spruha Christian claims that it it was Elena who brought him back on track when he was wasting away. This is undeniable as is the fact that it could have been different. Mrs. Robinson promised him things sexual in order for him to behave. But had she offered a normal sexual relationship instead of a BDSM one, things would have turned out differently. Christian back then was a sexually frustrated teenager hence ensuring that any kind of sex offered to him would have been accepted.

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In what world is it okay for a,adult to abuse a minor, regardless of the gender of the child. That's what"s a mystery to me that some people see this book as being romantic. Just because someone has money, power and social position , it does not make it alright to abuse a minor. Mrs. Robinson was a sexual predator, what she did to him was abuse, it does not matter what she taught him in the business world. He only turned into a sick rich young man. A monster is still a monster regardless of his wealth. He's just a rich twisted man.

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