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Learning to swim

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Caley Whitner | 11 comments Caley Whitner
Learning to swim

This book is about a young girl named Lily and her family. Lily, her mother, father, brother and grandfather go to their cabin on the lake every summer. They’ve always been a close-knit family and have amazing relationships which leads us to thinking that the event that takes place is nearly impossible. However, this summer the family like dynamic has changed due to Lily’s grandfather sexually abusing her. Lily does her best to not cause problems within the family, especially at the cabin during all the perfect summer nights. When Lily heads to bed every night, just like since she was a baby her grandfather comes and says goodnight- Lily dreads bedtime. Lily is a 14 year old girl who can’t help the situation that is continuing to happen. She wants to speak up and protect herself, but not hurt her family or grandfather. About ⅔ through the book and a month and a half later, Lily’s parents finally find out and ar absolutely crushed and angry that they let this go on for so long. They feel as if it is their fault and are disappointed Lily didn’t tell them. Her mother and father assure her that grandpa isn’t coming back- he's gone for good but the memories still haunt her. Over the school year, dad drove to the cabin and remodelled it so that the memories of grandpa would fade, not completely- but it helped Lily.
Will grandpa stay away for good?
Will Lily be able to enjoy the cabin again next summer?
How will Lily heal after this terrifying event?

I personally enjoyed reading this book, it had a good story line and was very interesting. I suggest this book to readers who can relate, or have a heart for those who have experienced something like this. It was a hard book to read because it was sad and heartbreaking, but I wanted to keep reading just to see what would happen in the end. I definitely recommend this book if you want something emotional, or intriguing and a short read- this is the book for you!

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Jami Wallace | 14 comments What made you chose to read about this book? What else did you like about this book?

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Erika Thorsen | 47 comments Mod
What do you think was the author's purpose? What might she have wanted readers to get out of reading this book?

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