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Wide Awake by David Levithan

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Ur (Maddie) Mom (Miles) | 13 comments Wide Awake

In the book Wide Awake by David Levithan, Duncan is a gay, Jewish teenager living in an extremely hot political climate. In this book that’s set in the future, a gay, Jewish man has been elected president. The one problem with this is that the republicans, or what the book likes to call, “Decants” try to swing the voting in Kansas so their candidate wins. This book is a mix of a coming of age book, love story and political book and tackles issues like being a minority, gay and what its like being discriminated against in America.
I personally think Wide Awake is a good, interesting read. The minute details in this book are, to me, what makes it worthwhile. For example, since its set in the future, it talks about current events like they were years, even decades ago. That is particularly interesting to me because I was a child, or early teen in many of the events that are talked about in the book that were ten to twenty book-years ago. If i could describe the book in one quote, I would describe it as, “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Even though this book is set years into the future, many of the themes and issues are ones that our society struggles with today. Overall, I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in social justice and/or politics. Although, if you aren’t interested in those two topics, this book could still be an interesting and entertaining read for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Cruz Meza | 11 comments Wide Awake sounds like a great book it talk about what happens to be jewish, a minority and gay.i wonder if he find good people who think great of him.

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The Noah-itall Taylor-Ortiz | 15 comments This seems pretty interesting.
Not the 'being part of a minority' bit, though that does bring in some chaps of the minority demographic.
No, I mean the political part of the story.

Not many books actually take into consideration the political upstarts of the world, and especially not fiction books.

And those that do mention politics usually only have it as either a side-story (if it's lucky), or a one-page spin-off of little to know importance to the overall narrative.

I'll definitely look into this. It seems like a pretty nice tale...
So long as the "being discriminated" part of the story doesn't take away enough focus from the politics to become distracting.

You would be surprised how many books tackle the "oh look I'm a minority" bit, and completely fail in telling a proper narrative, solely so they can add in their personal agenda to the story...

Am I ranting too much?
I'm ranting too much.

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