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Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 155 comments Mod
Name: Darling
Nicknames: Angel(Only used by Simba)

Gender: Female
Mate: Simba (view spoiler)
Children: None (Yet...)
Family: She can't remember who they were

Age: 86 years
Date of Birth: June 19
Sun Sign: Gemini
Element: Air

Creature Type: Shape-shifter
Main Form: Domestic cat

Personality: Darling is kind, smart and shy. She's not the type who "goes into the crowd". She'd rather hide in the background were she can't be seen. She's impatient, easily bored, sarcastic, and quite stubborn, but she's creative and a complete romantic. She's madly in love with her mate, Simba. She loves how he spoils her, but sometimes he can be a little embarrassing. Her only problem with him is that he can be so clueless, but she'd never give it up for anything.

[Main Form]

(view spoiler)

[Human Form]
(view spoiler)

History: Since Birdy refuses to tell how she met me, I shall tell you myself. Simba will tell you how we met. It's rather embarrassing if you ask me! Anywho, let's get on with the story thing.

A hunter had been chasing me for who knows how long and I finally I ran into a girl. I jumped into her arms and whispered, "Pretend I'm your pet cat,"
She nodded and when the hunter came, she glared at him. "How dare you try to hurt my cat!"
"But it stole my food!"
"So? She was probably hungry! Pick on someone your own size!"
The hunter left and I let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you,"
The girl smiled and put me down. "You're most welcome! I'm Birdy. Birdy Marie Hunter,"
"I'm Darling," I purred. I suddenly felt like I had a connection to this girl. "I'm a shape-shifter,"
Simba trotted through a bush and stuck a rose in the tangle behind my left ear. He removed all the thorns, of course. When he realized Birdy was there, he looked back at me and smiled. "Looks like you found your human,"
It's so creepy that he knows what I'm thinking... I looked up at Birdy and finally noticed some odd about her. She had violet eyes! It's rare to find such a colour on anyone's eyes! We(Me & Birdy) both nodded. I sat down next to Simba and leaned against his shoulder.

Likes: Roses; Simba; romance; Birdy
Dislikes: Death; hunters; bugs; spiders; water
Other: Darling has a tangle behind her left ear. Simba always takes advantage of it by putting a rose in it.

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 155 comments Mod
Name: Simba
Nicknames: Lion, Leo

Gender: Male
Mate: Darling (view spoiler)
Children: None
Family: He can't remember who they were

Age: 86 years
Date of Birth: July 24
Sun Sign: Leo
Element: Fire

Creature Type: Shape-shifter
Main Form: Domestic cat

Personality: Simba is extremely kind and sweet, yet very shy... Being the large muscled guy he is, you'd think he was overly confidant. But no. He's a sensitive cat and always worries he's not good enough for his mate, Darling. He's been thinking like this ever since he first met her... Whenever he's around her, he's at his best mood. He rarely makes her upset and you'd have to be blind to not see just how much he loves her. He'd drop dead for her! He's the most loyal and romantic mate you could ever ask for... You can trust him to keep your secrets safe as long as there's a good reason to keep it. He isn't scared by anything...the only thing he fears is losing Darling to some other male. Other than all of that, he's totally awesome!

[Main Form]

(view spoiler)

[Human Form]
(view spoiler)

History: I was resting in the sunshine when something jumped on me, then hid behind me.
"What the...?" I looked behind me and saw a pretty white female kitty. My heart skipped a beat. "Wh...What are you doing?"
"Hunter!" She squeaked.
I looked up and changed myself into a cheetah, picked up the cat and ran off. When I was far enough and stopped and gently dropped the cat. "You ok?" I tipped my head.
"Yes, I'm fine," She flopped on her back. "Thank you for saving me... I thought going back to my main form would help me, but no! I guess I couldn't think fast enough to think of a different animal, so I decided to hide. I didn't realize I was hiding behind a fellow animal until you spoke..."
"It's fine," I changed back to my main form and purred. "It's good to stretch the legs once in a while," I laid down on a tall rock, watching the path I came from to make sure the dumb human gave up.
After a while I noticed how uncomfortable the cat/shape-shifter looked. "My name is Simba,"
She looked relieved after hearing my voice. "I'm Darling," She replied shyly.
I suddenly felt like I needed to impress her...but how? I didn't know this shape-shifter! Well, I too a good long look at her and noticed something. Was that a tangle by her left ear? "Is that a tangle? By your ear?"
"Oh, yes, it is... I don't know how it got there, though," Darling sighed. "It's permanent. I've tried to get it out for years...nothing seems to work,"
I walked up to her and poked a claw through the tangle. Darling looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn't care. I sat down, thinking for a second. Then I stood up, turned into a cheetah and ran back to my cave. There it was. My most rose garden. It's in a hidden, sunny part of my Den. I looked through it until I found it. Then I saw it...the most beautiful rose I had kept hidden. I gently cut it and removed all the thorns. I carefully picked it up with my mouth and bolted back to Darling, who was still sitting there with a perplexed look on her face. When she saw the flower I held, I could tell she was blushing. I changed back to my main form and trotted up to her and put the rose through the tangle.
"A beautiful flower-" I murmured and licked her cheek. "-for a beautiful lady,"
Her mouth kept opening and closing. "I... I..."
I closed her mouth to tell her to not talk. We instantly became best friends after that. Well, we were closer than best friends. I was always flirting with her. I just love her expressions!

When we reached the age of 25 years, I asked her to be my mate. And, of course, she said yes! I mean, who wouldn't say yes to me? Anywho, we have been together for much longer than many human marriages: 60 years.

Likes: Roses; Darling; romance
Dislikes: Death; hunters
Other: Still searching for his human

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 155 comments Mod
Name: Bramblestorm
Nicknames: Bramble; Storm

Gender: Tom/Male
Creature Type: Shape-shifter
Main Form: Sabre-tooth Tiger
Crush: Bella

Age: 176 years
Date of Birth: May 2
Sun Sign: Taurus
Element: Earth

1) Stubborn
2) Kind
3) Loyal
4) Adorable
5) Protective

Main form:

Mother: Feather {Dead}{Shape-shifter; main form was a saber-tooth tiger}
Father: Rain {Alive}{Shape-shifter; main form is a leopard}{Open, ask first}
Sister: Lily {Alive}{Shape-shifter; main former is a cheetah}{Open, ask first}

History: Nothing really note worthy. Bramblestorm's mother was killed by a pack of wolves when he was a very young cub. His father knew that wolves had no predators, so he turned himself into a ostrich and had Lily and Bramblestorm jump on his back, and just ran as fast as he could.

Likes: Shape-shifting; being with his family; humans that don't hunt animals
Dislikes: Hunters; remembering the death of his mother; death; wolves
Fears: Death; hunters; losing his father and sister
Other: Still looking for his human; doesn't have a human form

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 155 comments Mod
|Soren Star-sky|
» Soren » Prince|


|December » Twenty-fourth|
» Earth|

|Loyal » Smart » Stubborn » Fun to be around » Kind|


|Hide » Pure white|
» Pure white » Feathers are extremely soft|
» Pure white|
» Pure white|
» Sapphire blue|
» Normal|
» 963.8|
» 6'8"|

|Can't remember. Reason can be found in history.|

|Told by Soren himself.|

|Well, The first memory I'm able to remember was six years ago. I saw a human girl when I woke up. She was healing me and told me I was knocked out by a big black bird. When I got up, I tried to start flying again, but my wing was broken... She didn't go anywhere. Her eyes were wide with amazement, so I tipped my head to left.
"What?" I asked.
"It's just...I've never seen someone like you," She whispered. "I just came here..."
"Oh... Welcome, than!" I smiled and did a quick bow. "I'm Soren. Soren Star-sky is my full name,"
"I...I'm Celestia Sabrina Lila Stormtalon," She replied and looked down at the ground.
I knew her personality right at that moment. Kind, shy, quiet, a bit jumpy and fun. "You're not scared of me, are you?" I chuckled. I knew she wasn't.
"Of course not!" She giggled and I saw her eyes. We had the same sapphire blue eyes! I knew instantly that we were meant to be friends.|

|Broken wing was fixed within a month... I don't know what else is note worthy, so...yah.|

|Nothing else really...|

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