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Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 155 comments Mod

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 155 comments Mod
|Celestia Sabrina Lila Stormtalon|
|Celestia » Heavenly|
» Legendary princess|
» Night|
» Tia » Celest » Lila|

» Crush first|

|July » Sixth|
» Water|

|Kind » Celestia is a kind girl, but it depends how you treat her.|
» Celestia is a bit of a quiet girl and usually sticks to her books or her pegasus.|
» Celestia is easily scared and that's why she likes to hide...|
» Celestia tries her best to blend into the background, and never join in the crowd.|
» Celestia is a very cheerful and fun person once you get to know her better. It'll take a lot of patience, but it's totally worth it.|


|Facial Claim » Taylor Swift|
» Goes below to her shoulders » Blonde|
» Sapphire blue(Just like Soren)|
» 110.6|
» 5'7"|

|Dressing Style|
|(view spoiler)|

|Diego Jay Stormtalon » Brother » 19 » Alive » (view spoiler)|
|Alexander Owl Stormtalon
» Brother » 19 » Alive » (view spoiler)|
|Chad Hawk Stormtalon
» Brother » 19 » Alive » Hawkfrost » (view spoiler)|
|Flint William Stormtalon
» Brother » 19 » Alive » (view spoiler)|
|Mark Shining-star
» Father » 47 » Alive » (view spoiler)|
|Clarissa Dove Shining-star
» Mother » 45 » Alive » (view spoiler)|

|I don't know how I came here... I was asleep, happy in my home, but when I woke up, I was in the middle of nowhere... I think it was my so-called 'mother' that brought me here. She's always hated me and and my brothers. At least Diego, Alex, Chad and Flint are with me...|

|Holy! I just met a pegasus! He was knocked out by a big black bird! While he was unconscious, I noticed his wing was broken, so I decided to try to heal it. By the time I was done, he woke up.
"Wh... What happened?" He asked.
"You got knocked out by a big black bird..." I answered.
"That's weird... I can't remember anything about a bird...or... Oh, no... My memory! My memory is gone! I don't know who my family is..." He said worriedly and tried to fly. "Aaaand I can't fly...dumb wing... But I know who I am, what I am, where I am, and what you are. You're a human. My name is Soren Starsky. What's your name?" He gave me a friendly smile.
"I'm Celestia...Celestia Sabrina Lila Stormtalon," I said and looked down at the ground.
"You're not scared of me, are you?"
"Of course not!" I giggled and looked into his eyes... We had the same sapphire blue eyes! Right at that moment, I knew we were supposed to be friends.|

|That's all that's note worthy.|

|Celestia is a Christian, just like all her brothers.|

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 155 comments Mod

Name: Chad Hawk Stormtalon
Nicknames: Hawk, The Chadster, Burglar(Created by his siblings)

Age: 19
Date of Birth: July 6th
Zodiac: Cancer
Element: Water

Gender: Male
Status: Single
Crush: Bella
Type: Straight

Personality: Chad is a protective brother of four. He sometimes enjoys toturing them by stealing their stuff and making them look for it. Especially his sister, Celestia! Like his other brothers, he's extremely protective of her. Though Chad seems to be the only one who lets her roam free for a bit. He is loyal, smart and fun to be around. He's a bit sensitive and shy, so it's a little bit hard to get to know him, like his sister. But he's not as shy as her. He loves trees and likes to hide in them most of the time and just watch nature. He keeps a journal, but no one knows.


Weight: 125.8
Height: 6'1"

History: Similar to Celestia Stormtalon's, only he hasn't found his Mythical creature yet. (Just read the top of Celestia's history... It may not be much, but I barely know Chad, so...yah...)

Likes: Spending time with his siblings; stealing his siblings belongings and making them look for it
Dislikes: Spiders; knowing he has not found his Mythical creature...he worries that he may never find one...; his sister or brothers getting hurt; Bramblestorm
Fears: Spiders; losing his siblings
Other: His Mythical creature will be Bella, owned by Kendra.

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 155 comments Mod
© Buck, the Weasel
cɾԑɗιȶs: (view spoiler)

ȵαmԑ: Birdy Marie Hunter
ȵιcӄȵαmԑ: Bird, Feather

ℊԑȵɗԑɾ: Female
sԑxυαℓ σɾιԑȵȶαȶισȵ: Straight
cɾυsℎ/ɓσყƒɾιԑȵɗ: Open, ask first

αℊԑ: 18
ɗαȶԑ σƒ ɓιɾȶℎ: June 21
sυȵ sιℊȵ: Cancer/Gemini
ԑℓԑmԑȵȶ: Water/Air

թԑɾsσȵαℓιȶყ: shy » kind » sensitive » stubborn » loyal


ƒαcιαℓ cℓαιm: none
ℎԑιℊℎȶ: 5'7"
ωԑιℊℎȶ: 119.3
ℎαιɾ: brown
ԑყԑs: violet (view spoiler)

mσȶℎԑɾ: Lillian Marie Hunter (view spoiler)
fαȶℎԑɾ: John Mark Hunter (view spoiler)
ɓrσȶℎԑɾ: Sebastian David Hunter (view spoiler)

ℎιsȶσɾყ: Since Birdy rarely bothers to talk to anyone, she has never told anyone her history and she has no intentions to speak of it. The only thing that anyone knows is that she has a brother. She also refuses to tell how she met her mythical creature, Darling. If you want to find out about it, you would be better off asking Darling.

ℓιӄԑs: Cats; shiny things; being with her brother; birds
dιsℓιӄԑs: Spiders; bugs; death
σȶℎԑɾ: [1] Her mythical creature is a shape-shifter named Darling

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