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message 1: by Renaud (last edited Jun 04, 2018 10:57AM) (new)

Renaud (reno0059) | 3 comments Hello everyone!

I am currently writing a dystopian M/M romance novel. My plot is structured, the outlines are defined and I have written 16,000 words out of 60,000. As a work under progress, the manuscript is not yet professionally edited.

I am looking ideally for a long-time critique partner, who writes in any M/M romance sub-genre, to review objectively each other work, give each other advice and stay motivated :)

Please note that my manuscript contains same-sex sexual relationships.

If being a critique partner is not your thing, we can make a one-time swap on our current works.

You can contact me via PM.
Thank you!

message 2: by Gaia (new)

Gaia (octavianothing) | 5 comments Hi Steven. I saw your post for a critique partner. I know it's been a while, so I'm not sure if you're still looking, but I have written my first M/M romance (not quite sure what subgenre). It's 78K and not professionally edited yet but If you're interested, I'd love to find someone who is interested in helping each other write at our best. I'll include info on the story below and if you're interested, feel free to email me at



After spending eight years as the prisoner of a sadistic raider, nineteen year-old Jade has learned not to feel. It isn't until he meets the eyes of a new prisoner brought to the raider camp that his heart starts breaking the rules and slowly starts bringing his suppressed emotions back to the surface. Jade frees the boy and together, they set off on a journey together that will take years and change both of their lives forever. Suffering from night terrors and hiding the truth of his past, Jade begins his own journey to self-acceptance while trying to outrun the memories of his past and the sadistic raider who is surely after him.

Emit is seventeen when he is taken by the raiders as his family's camp is searching for a settlement to join. Raiders have become a bigger threat, so his camp was on the move to join a better gaurded settlement consisting of many joined camps. Once freed by Jade, Emit's only wish is to be reunited with his family, but not only does he have no idea where they ended up, he is also unused to travelling the dangerous world he lives in and he needs Jade's help to survive. Over time, Emit realizes he needs Jade for much more than just that.


message 3: by Gordon (new)

Gordon Phillips | 7 comments Hi Steven:

I am a fairly new MM Romance writer and am looking for a critique partner. The book you described sounds interesting. I have a strong sci-fi (as well as fantasy) interest.

Also, I have had several pieces published by JMS Books,

If you would like to see the sort of stuff I produce, to see if you would like to critique partner with me, let me know; I can send you one of those.

Contact me at:

Gordon Phillips

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