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Dwell in Possibility (Worcester Nights, #1)
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Ophelia Sikes (opheliasikes) | 16 comments Dwell in Possibility is currently FREE on Amazon! Grab your copy while you can!

Dwell in Possibility (Worcester Nights, #1) by Ophelia Sikes

Kate's life sucks. She's tending bar at a run-down dive. Her immoral boss fondles every co-ed within reach. The clientele is made up of TV-glazed zombies, drunkards, and ... who is that in the corner?

The Thunderbolt Hits.

She hadn't thought it was real. But when she looks into Sean's eyes, the force of the connection staggers her. Her mind desperately seeks to pull her back - he's an ex-felon. Far too talented with those rippled muscles and toned fists. He's everything she should be staying away from.

She craves him from the depths of her soul.

His touch smolders her skin; his fingers expose her to worlds she never dreamt existed.

But when his secret is ripped free from the dark shadows, their lives teeter on the brink of destruction.

Dwell in Possibility (Worcester Nights, #1) by Ophelia Sikes

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Ophelia Sikes (opheliasikes) | 16 comments Here's the US Amazon link which I forgot to post :).


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Ophelia Sikes (opheliasikes) | 16 comments I have updated chapter one and would love to hear your thoughts. It's free!! :)

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Ann Everett (anneverett) | 2 comments Ophelia,
I see where you are wanting to polish up a novel you've written. I have a suggestion that has helped me a lot. Join an on-line writing website. They cost about $5 per month and you will get many critiques of your work there. I belong to, but there are others...critique circle, fan story, etc.
Take a look at some of those and I think you'll find the sort of help you're looking for.
If you'd like more info, contact me at

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Ophelia Sikes (opheliasikes) | 16 comments Dear Ann -

Thank you for the thought!

I have a large group of fans who provide me with great feedback. They are intimately familiar with my world and can offer specific tweaks on how it unfolds. I wanted to make sure I reached them in every way I could. Hence this post.

Generic writing groups have their place for authors who don't have any fans yet. They can provide generic advice about spelling or character construction. I do recommend those for people who don't have an established fan base!


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