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The Facts Speak for Themselves
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fiction- a young girl has an abusive mother and is raped by her boyfriend. [s]

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The book is about a young girl who has an abusive mother and is raped by her boyfriend, I think his name was Frank Green but not entirely sure. Some of the details I remember are: She checked her little brothers underwear for being dirty, her father was native american and died from carbon monoxide poisoning (I think, not entirely sure) when she was younger, her grandparents on her mother's side dislike her, she changed clothes with her friends at school which got her in trouble, the man who raped her was a real estate agent so he went to fancy empty houses a lot, the girl would try on the clothes she found there, and there was a lap pool she really wanted to go swimming in, her mom left her in a house with an old man because she refused to leave. The house her mom left her in was either in Florida or her mother drove to Florida after leaving her, I don't remember but Florida is in there somewhere. At one point in the book the girl becomes friends with a girl who's a member of a country club, and she ends up going there a lot. She met a boy( i think this was at the country club I don't remember entirely) and they talk and the boy tells her about his lonely dad and how he jacks off in the bathroom. (Sorry that this is so vulgar the book was just kinda overall gross) SPOILER Another man in her mother's life (I think his name was John?) shoots Frank Green in a parking garage I think. He was a strange guy who sold something like lawn ornaments? If i remember correctly. SPOILER at the end of the book she ends up going to a catholic place and I remember there was this girl named Crystal or Diamond who she met there and her earlobe was ripped. She (the main character) talks about how she enjoys vacuuming the catholic place. It was published in english and it takes place in America. The book didn't seem too old. I read in it 2016. I'd guess it was published between 1990-2011. The cover image was white with a painting of a young girls face with blonde hair and underneath it in dainty lettering was the title of the book. The book was really disturbing I was only 14 when I read it I was definitely too young. The intended audience was adults. Im just trying to find it because despite being super difficult to read because of the content, it was written really well and I just want to find it again. Thanks

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Tab wrote: "The Facts Speak for ThemselvesThe Facts Speak for Themselves by Brock Cole"
Thats the one! Thanks

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