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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 1655 comments This is where we can discuss various plot ideas. We can talk about possible villains, special events, and ways to connect characters stories (and more).

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Elizabeth Dragina | 157 comments Awesome!!

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That's awesome! I just came up with an idea a couple months ago about a Prince who joins pirates to get away from the new royal commander, who just practically took over the kingdom. He's looking for a legend of great power, that gives you authority over everything and everyone. The Prince - Clint - needs to find how he can prevent the royal commander from finding the power. He comes upon a girl names Lillia who was given a dagger as a child that holds the secret clue to finding the treasure. They fall in love as they begin to realize there isn't really a treasure at all, and they are forced to marry to hide the truth.
They decide they must fight to the royal commander instead. But she gets pregnant and Clint is forced to go with her to war anyway. She goes into labor in the middle of the final battle and retreats to another castle not far off with the surgeon in the pirate's crew. When the battle is over, the royal commander is dead and she has a new baby boy.

I guess this is more of a summary, but I wanted to share this with you guys! I hope this won't get us all off topic.

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Elizabeth Dragina | 157 comments That's.... interesting..... *cough*

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I've also always liked the idea of a modern day story about a girl who dates a prince.

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 1655 comments oooh me too! Although for this group specifically, we'll stick to medieval Hagenheim :)

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Elizabeth Dragina | 157 comments What if we play a family... ( children / siblings ) is/are running from their parents because their parents hold a dark secret! ( their parents being nobel ) The Duke of Hagiehem eventually finds out because some of his knights become friends with the "children" ( young adults ) and find out! Therefore the ( young adults ) are restored to their rightful home!

How does that sound.....?

Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 1655 comments It certainly deserves some consideration. However, I personally need to limit the number of characters I create since I'm busy with school. But if someone else wants to pursue that storyline with you, definitely go for it

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Elizabeth Dragina | 157 comments I also cannot crest to-to many characters.... but if a few others would be willingvto step forward?

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What about a Lady and Lord who are forced to be engaged, but she doesn't love him. The Lady decides to runaway, but one of the Duke of Hagenheim's knights catches her before she can gets any farther. They begin to like each other before they get back to the castle. She is again engaged to the Lord when she hears that the Lord is plotting against his father and the guard. She warns the knight that found her running away and the two work together to save the guard and the Duke of Hagenheim from his rebellious son.

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Elizabeth Dragina | 157 comments Oooh.... sounds pretty cool...... but I ahve to many characters out right now soo.....

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 1655 comments that's okay, we can still throw ideas around in this thread

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We could play two completely different people endeavoring to save the monarchy from traitors. But they are both captured and sent to another part of the country. Together they come up with an escape plan when they learn that they only have a couple days to save the kingdom. They runaway, and fall in love on their way back to the kingdom to save the monarchy. When they finally arrive they are faced with a battle more hard to beat than they expected. But together they defeat the traitors and the monarchy is saved.

... And of course they get married at the end. :)

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Elizabeth Dragina | 157 comments That idea also sounds interesting.... but I need to finish up my other rps first... XD

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 1655 comments sounds cool!

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Princess Emilia (emilyjanebookworm) | 1655 comments By the way, I'll be away for the weekend and likely won't be able to reply to anything until Monday.

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Elizabeth Dragina | 157 comments Sad day... =( I shall also be leaving soon... so... 😢

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