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message 1: by Ange (new)

Ange | 22 comments Mod
Final thoughts and spoilers for the Loving Spirit

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan | 6 comments I thoroughly enjoyed the Loving Spirit. I agree with the previous comment that the Christopher section was a little weak in comparison to the other 3 sections. In thinking about it I wonder if it was intentional - his lack of love for the sea or not having a driving passion or that a good portion of the book was in London?

As a lover of DDM's works it was interesting to me that so early in her career she could really capture Atmosphere to such a detailed degree. I really felt transported to Plyn, the sea, the wind, the rocks, the cliffs - London not so much.

Jennifer was a particularly fun character - her silent revenge attack on her Uncle was amusing. I laughed at her attempt to spend his money right out from underneath him.

message 3: by A.G. Lake (new)

A.G. Lake I loved it. Circled back after reading some of her other early novels. In many ways, regarding the vocabulary used, the themes, the settings, it is very clear to me this book functioned as a template for many of her later novels: I’ll never be young again, Julius, Jamaica Inn, Rebecca, Mary Anne, Don’t look now... I see words and snippets from Loving Spirit elaborated upon in these other novels.

message 4: by MªJesús (new)

MªJesús Tovar | 7 comments I enjoyed reading this book and knowing the lives of four generations of the Coombe family which members are so linked to the sea and to Plyn, the place of birth of the main character, the matriarch, the Loving spirit, that unless they are connected to them they don’t lead a plentiful life.
I loved the descriptions and the atmosphere the author creates.
The characters I liked the most were not the ones that appear at the beginning of each book.

message 5: by MªJesús (new)

MªJesús Tovar | 7 comments At the beginning of each book

message 6: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Andrews | 6 comments Overall, a really enjoyable read. Not bad for a first novel! Out of all the characters I did have a soft spot for Janet. She was so tough and strong-willed, definitely the backbone of the family, with her influence extending over generations. I also loved the tenderness and devotion she inherently displayed as a mother. Ivy House was another highlight for me - the attachment of the Coombe family to this cozy home was so heart-warming.

message 7: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahofthebooks) This was my first DdM and I really enjoyed it. I love a good atmosphere in a novel, its something I'm a sucker for and this one really had that. Like other people said above she did such a great job capturing Plyn and making it feel real.
By far my favorite stories were Janet and Jennifer (Jennifer's subtle and quiet revenge was the highlight of the book for me, I giggled every time she did something to him). I tend to connect better with female characters, though Joseph did have an absolutely gripping tale too.
I can't wait to move on to the next book, especially since this was her first.

message 8: by Raluca (new)

Raluca Ferrari I enjoyed the novel. However, this is her first novel, and she is at the beginning of her literary career. Her writing will definitely change, it will improve. I did not like this obsession theme that is felt throughout the novel. And I also found a bit strange the relation mother -son, it did not feel like a mother's love for a son but for a lover. This feeling of control she had over her son, of possession, it scared me.

message 9: by MªJesús (new)

MªJesús Tovar | 7 comments I totally agree with you!

message 10: by Leah (new)

Leah | 4 comments I just finished this today, I love it. I had never read a DDM book before and as other have said above I loved the picture she painted of Plyn (also not so much of London).
I loved the family saga and the development of the Coombe family story. The connection to the sea was something that resonated with me personally.

I struggled through the Janet and Joseph relationship although I can understand whythe story needed this to build Phillip's hatred of Joseph.

I loved Jennifer. I also loved the dynamic between John Stevens and Jennifer.

I'm looking forward to reading further through DDM's work and I'm picking up the July book from the library tomorrow.

message 11: by MªJesús (new)

MªJesús Tovar | 7 comments So interesting! Thanks for the information!

message 12: by Britta (new)

Britta Böhler | 12 comments Finally finished the June-novel today. I quite enjoyed it but it wont be my DdM-favorite. I liked the story of a family over multiple generations, even though I felt the language was a bit flat and repetitive at times.

message 13: by Ange (new)

Ange | 22 comments Mod
I agree, her writing isn't the best in this one. But I think it is a strong debut. I enjoyed the multi-generational aspect.

I felt like the first half of the book was definitely stronger than the second half. It felt too rushed in the end.

Looking forward to seeing how her writing evolves over time now.

message 14: by Tania (new)

Tania | 8 comments It certainly wasn't as compelling as others I've read by her, but very good for a debut.
I agree about the atmosphere, and I did like the multi-generational aspect to it. This is something I rarely enjoy in books, it tends to make a book feel that it has just skimmed over the surface of a story. This is not the case here, she has managed to get to the heart of her characters in relatively few words.
I have picked up the next one, so shall be starting that soon.

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