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message 1: by J.L. (new)

J.L. | 4 comments Hi Guys, I’m looking for Beta swaps for a 101,000 word Sci Fi/Fantasy YA I wrote. It’s had a couple of read throughs with positive feedback, but more points of view would be helpful.

If you have a similar genre book, I’d love to swap. In return I will offer my honest opinion and detailed feedback.

You can contact me via my email: or feel free to send me a PM.

Here’s my blurb in progress:

Both Mongrel and Listen are trapped in a life they can’t control.

Mongrel was taken away from his home, everything he knew, and made to be a soldier before he even understood what death was. The things he’s done haunt him most nights. Forgotten and treated like an object, he’s now going to do something about it. When he breaks free, it doesn’t matter if he dies, he’ll kill the man who sold him into slavery first, Councilman Brehmen Hollifax. Mongrel isn’t out to save anyone, he’s no hero. But he’ll give whatever speech he needs to, sell people sweet lies of revolution, and use anything or anyone to get to his enemy. And once he does, he’ll make Brehmen remember who he is.

Listen is at her expiration. She’s just turned sixteen: the oldest age her kind lives to. She isn’t even her own person but an “it.” Keeva’s: blinded as children, rumored to be descended from a goddess, and gifted with awesome power and knowledge the members of the council use to rule their world: Alihreana. And now, thanks to Mongrel, free to wreak havoc.

When Mongrel meets Listen, she’s the perfect tool to get to Brehmen. It’s just his bad luck that Listen no longer wants to be used as an object either. But her power is tearing whatever sanity she had apart. And the revolution that Mongrel started is actually working.

message 2: by Brehonna (new)

Brehonna (ebfranklin) | 3 comments Hey if you’re still looking for a swap I’m free to do so. Here’s my blurb:
Three months shy of young Oya’s one-hundredth birthday she has been forced to duel a Goddess, slay a demon, and be banished from her homeland for manslaughter.
The Peace Maker, a warrior of the gods and gift from the Divine, is Isolane’s highest honor thrust upon Oya by mysterious circumstance. But as a wicked man of the west reeks havoc on the land through brazen destruction and countless murders, Oya must answer the call. The role would do her slandered family name justice, though her untamed power puts everyone’s lives at risk, including loved ones.
She cannot do this alone.
Oya needs her family, who were chosen by the Divine to aid her in this dire hour. Yet there may be more to this ‘gift’ than the Divine is willing to admit…

If you’re up for it just message me!

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