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criticaster | 781 comments Okay . . . so there's the Hunger Games one.

And here are my cheesy ideas. they're really cheesy, okay? hopefully this is a no judging thread :P

possibility 1 Your typical rich boy x country girl romance. He's sent to live in a small town, rural part of whatever state with his Aunt/Uncle that's never really been part of the family. There are multiple reasons why he was sent down here (learn responsiblity/parents renewed their vows and went on a honeymoon/whatever else :P) and there he meets miss country girl. They kind of hate each other at first but she pokes fun at him and his snootiness and he makes fun of her accent and eventually the hating simmers down to subtle flirting but they try to keep it on the down low because he's only here for the summer and maybe she's got a boyfriend (or he's got a girlfriend back in the city and she could come surprise visit him for added drama) and it's just kind of complicated?

possibility 2: Again, typical rich boy x country girl story, but the scenery is reversed? Rich boy's family does their rural family friend a favour and lets their daughter come up in the city and stay in the household while the house gets renovated or something. It's pretty much the same premise as the idea up above only she's introduced to the city life and maybe she's heard some misconceptions about it and has a really negative view on everything but little by little that changes and fortunate boy and country girl start to have feelings for each other and yeeeaaaa. If you want to do this I have plenty of scenes in my mind.

possibility 3 just a typical country romance thing. two country folks meet and there are a lot of horses involved and square dancing and oh my gosh I am so stereotypical. xD But I think this could be really cute! And there could easily be drama in there. Like the two families aren't supposed to like each other. Like, one family runs one side of town and the other one runs the other part of town and maybe one or both of them are already in relationships. Or maybe they had a drunken hookup and now she's pregnant ooooor I dunno. ^^

Did you want to hear the medieval ideas as well? Like the ones I had in mind or did you want to do something more relaxed? Like a cheesy (yet adorable) peasant x royalty or something like that?

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments NO worries, dear, no judging

message 3: by Em (Hannah) (last edited Jul 30, 2014 10:57PM) (new)

Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Hmm, it's up to you, also, did you want to do more than one roleplay at once or take it one roleplay at a time?

Also, I like possibilities 1 & 2

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criticaster | 781 comments Aaaannd here are the medieval ones. I fell asleep last night, sorry. And by the way! Any of these ideas could be turned into mxm or fxf!:
human x thief: I'll be really vague with this. But pretty much there's this kingdom of elves, okay? And they're accepting creatures so there are a few humans amongst them but they're not exactly praised or anything. Anyway, there's this young, elvish princess that's being sent of to wed the prince of another kingdom because there's a war closing in and the kingdom needs allies. So they round up a small escort group and amongst them is a human. Not many people know about him or know where he came from but he's a knight and that's honour enough for everyone. However, the knight is actually a thief and is posing as a knight in order to get close to the princess, close enough to earn himself a free ticket in the castle so he can steal many goods and return home to his small town. Kinda like that. This can be discussed.

dragon hybrid x outcast/royal: so this is a land where either elves or humans rule (probably elves so we can add magic to this) and here the dragons are being hunted. They are loathed and they are at war with the entire land. But sometimes dragons are kept as slaves; the more rare looking ones are given to the royals and the more common ones are put up for auction and sold off to any master. A lot of the time they're used to show off, people parade them around (i forgot to mention that they're kind of like weredragons so they can turn into a human though they have a few distinct markings). But eventually they're just disposed of and dragons are becoming fewer and fewer ever passing moon. From here we can totally have a romance between one of these dragons and a royal who receives them as a gift annnnnd yeah.

Or we can do the one with the outcast. Somebody got exiled for whatever reason and now they live by themselves. They have a good heart, they're a good person but either they got framed or made a small mistake, but they live alone in the woods. So one day the person's hunting when he stumbles upon an injured dragon. At first the person is scared because they've heard stories of these dragons and how dangerous they can be in the wild. But the person quickly grows worried for the creature and takes them in and cares for them. Obviously things aren't all rainbows and unicorns at first, but we could also add the fact that maybe the royal guard comes and sees them every few days so the person can give them the money for taxes. And maybe one of the knights has a thing for the person living alone but they're an asshole but they stick around anyway annnnnd yeah.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments dragon hybrid DRAGON hybrid DRAGON HYBRID

message 6: by criticaster (new)

criticaster | 781 comments Bahahaha, okie dokie. ^-^ Did you have anything to add to it?

message 7: by Em (Hannah) (new)

Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments Not particularly, possibly a long the way. I could see this going through the outcast or the royal, so whichever way is totally cool with me! I really like the idea of a weredragon though. So. Yes.

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criticaster | 781 comments I also had another idea to add to this.

But what if, at some point in time, there were weredragons and dragon healers? Like those who supported the dragons and stuff? And they kind of went extinct along the way but if we do the outcast one, maybe the two form a particular bond? Like maybe the outcast as dragon healer blood and they don't know it until they meet this dragon and maybe they're the only dragon healer left or there could be another one somewhere buuut yeah.

We can totally expand on this concept. Or not involve it, haha.

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 1256 comments I really, really like the idea of the dragon healer. What if we actually did a combination of both? The royal and the dragon become acquainted, I'm assuming the royal doesn't know the dragon can change form, but the royal is maybe a child when they first meet ((both children)) and treated harshly, so as the royal gets older and the dragon does as well and they run away together and something happens, the dragon gets hurt and the royal gets upset, the situation causes the royal/((would be an outcast now)) to trigger the healer blood inside of them and so on and so on.

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