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Jane Isles-Rizzoli The Island that once housed the mighty Jurassic Park then Jurassic World has been taken over by Dinosaurs the very same that were held in viewing pens, though now they have new families. Humans live here too, those who would be able to survive in the wilderness.

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Blue leapt from log to log and glanced around skittishly, she heard the trills and barks of other Raptors, she knew there were others on this island, at least, she'd smelled them. She hadn't met them yet, The rustling around her told her that there was at least one pack if not more. Picking her way through the bushes she came upon her nest and let out a chirp and heard three reply. The father of her chicks was a lone male with bright colors and a dorsal stripe that matched her own but bright white.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli (Character Creation please)

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Any of the Raptors from Jurassic Park 2, and any of the Dino's from the Jurassic Park series, except Blue's sisters and the Indominus Rex

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((I'm Blue, look at the first post, we can rp, just make your character, Raptor or otherwise, hopefully a Raptor and we can RP together))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Any Raptor))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Made you a Raptor, and We'll both rp the pack))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Your turn in the RP))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Blue leapt from log to log and glanced around skittishly, she heard the trills and barks of other Raptors, she knew there were others on this island, at least, she'd smelled them. She hadn't met them yet, The rustling around her told her that there was at least one pack if not more. Picking her way through the bushes she came upon her nest and let out a chirp and heard three reply. The father of her chicks was a lone male with bright colors and a dorsal stripe that matched her own but bright white.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Blue jumped in front of her nest protectively seeing another Raptor, her stance showed that she was an Alpha, Blue let out a loud hiss, a challenge to the other female. She let out a shrill noise that warned her chicks to stay hidden.

The white female with red speckles on her hide let out a hiss at the single Raptor that had wandered over to the blue striped female that looked like she could be an Alpha too. She wouldn't stand for it, She would not fall to the challenger she snarled at the others in her pack and took a step towards the lone female that challenged her.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Blue lunged for the Raptor closest to her nest seeing them as a threat to her young ones.

Flash, Bec, and Roc watched their mother fight, learning what to do when in one.

The green Raptor fought back against Blue, gaining bites and gashes back from the stronger female.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Blue hissed and bit the Green one on the back of the neck, hard enough to puncture the rough scales and causing it to bleed.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments ((Can I join in?))

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Go ahead, Make a Raptor, or use one of the already made pack ones or Rock and join in, Blue now has one hatchling, I found it monotonous to play more then one baby. There hasn't been any activity on this Topic for a while, so we can just start over...I guess))

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments ((I can play Echo if she isn’t already taken? Also I can play some of Blue’s hatchlings if you want me to? I can play multiple characters, also do I pm you with the character backgrounds or just start the rp?))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Blue's Sisters are dead, You can be some of her Hatchlings if you want and you make the Characters in the Character folder.))

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments ((Oh okay, I didn’t realize we were following the storyline of the movies with the Velociraptors and Blue sorry, also I can be some of Blue’s Hatchlings. I’ll create a few of my own Velociraptors in character creations))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Sure, I got three of her hatchlings open, Raven, Rex and Robin. I'm Flash))

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments ((I can be Raven, I’m about to post my two Velociraptor characters in a second))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Cool, Let's start))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Blue leapt from log to log and glanced around skittishly, she heard the trills and barks of other Raptors, she knew there were others on this island, at least, she'd smelled them. She hadn't met them yet, The rustling around her told her that there was at least one pack if not more. Picking her way through the bushes she came upon her nest and let out a chirp and heard four reply. The father of her chicks was a lone dull reddish brown male with a dorsal stripe that matched her own but bright white and black outlined.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Zelda and Commet looked around at where they were at not fimiliar with this side of the island, but they moved to this side due to lack of Dino’s to hunt. Zelda the light black one with the red dorsal stipe down both sides of her body. Commet the Bronze colored one with Blue eyes. She and her mother had no idea they were in another raptor pack’s territory as they walked they started to realize as they herd a bunch of rustling in the bushes

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Flash, having snuck passed her mother glanced up when she saw the feet of an adult raptor. She let out a hiss and backed up a bit her claw tapping on the ground, she listened for her mother her hiss dying down into a growl the sun shining against her light grey, almost white scales and the sapphire blue stripe going down each side of her body, she looked like a much smaller mirror of her mother.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Zelda looked down at the much smaller Raptor meaning no harm to the young one, she looked back up knowing if there was a young Raptor around there was the mother around somewhere. She didn’t want to stay to find out, she didn’t want to fight she just wanted to know where she was. Her submissive side showing as she pranced away slowly wondering where she and Commet were at. When she realized her young one was talking to the younger Raptor using small chirps and barks Zelda called for her and Commet notices and follows.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Flash tilted her head then heard chirping behind her and saw her mother walk out of the bushes.

Blue spotted her daughter and trilled at her then looked in the direction her daughter was and spotted Zelda and Commet and walked over to them, not wanting to fight but to make friends, She'd been on her own with her hatchlings for far to long now and wanted to be part of a pack again. Well lead a pack again but that was besides the point.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Raven followed his mother Blue to where they were headed off to as he followed her thinking she was playing then ran out of the bushes somehow in front off Zelda and Commet and chirped wondering who they were. Zelda and Commet both tilted their heads at the little Raptor and looked behind them hearing heavier rustling in the bushes to see Blue with Zelda assumed was the baby Raptors mother. Zelda and Commet were both socked Zelda even being the adult Raptor wasn’t as tall as Blue yet, as she still had some more growing to to herself along with Commet.

Commet chirped at Blue not wanting to fight in an instant submission chirp as she sees Blue is much much bigger than her. Zelda also barked in a submissive tone as well as asking Blue if these three were her babies.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Blue chirped back in the affirmative, knowing that they knew that Flash was hers because of how similar they looked to each other, She looked at the two females she decided that they would be perfect as pack-mates, they already seemed to submit to her because of her size some of which was natural muscle, the height was due to her being the Alpha of her old pack, after Owen of course.

Flash, knowing that her mother approved of these two new Raptors and jumped up onto Commet's back standing there without using her claws, not wanting to hurt her new potential pack-mate.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Raven had followed his siblings lead and jumped on top of Commet’s back he was excited to have new pack members. He as well didn’t use claws on her back to not hurt her not wanting to. Although he was rather protective of his siblings as well and wanted to know what it’s like to be taller. He also jumped up and got on Zelda’s back.

She chirped and was a bit confused and got lower to the ground not used to this as she remembered when Commet would do this to her a lot when she was younger. But not wanting to hurt the little one she stood still until Raven finally jumped off of her and she noticed Commet playing with the younger Raptors and looked at Blue and slowly walked over to her showing that she’s not a threat as she made calming noises.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli I want you two to be my pack. She chirped at them. I know you two won't hurt them and that you're not a threat to me. She trilled.

Flash played with Commet enjoying the company of another young Raptor.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Raven played with Commet and Flash he thought his siblings were fun to play with but this new older Raptor gave more speed and made the games he and his siblings liked to play more fun.

Zelda finished walking up to her as she spoke to her she chirped and looked at her ‘Of course we’d love to join. Commet and I have been out of a pack for a long time. And no I wouldn’t hurt, or be a threat to your young ones.’ She looked at Commet and saw them playing together as Commet was a larger and bigger than the way younger Raptors.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Flash ran over to Raven and Commet and jumped, clearing Commet but landing on Raven. She barked at her brother as she nipped at his side.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Commet played with them getting a bit to rough with them as they played more and more Zelda barked at Commet to calm down they were just babies as she calmed down a little bit and played with them like an older sibling is supposed to play with younger siblings.

Zelda looked at Commet and back at Blue when she knew she’d been back to playing with them like she should. ‘She’s grown up without siblings as an older male came up killing her siblings knowing they were from another male and missed Commet trying to breed with me. But I killed him. Even since then, I’ve been extremely protective of Commet. She just needs to learn to play with the younger ones. She’ll make a good watch out for them though.’ Zelda says

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli I agree, and you'd make a good hunting partner, though they know how to hunt already, they've been on a few outings with me. Better be safe then sorry. Blue said with a sound between a trill and a bark, she sniffed the air and made a threatening shrill noise turning to her right.

Wraith and Drake slowly made their way towards the females though they were almost a mile away though they were to the right of them.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Zelda lifted her nose in the air and sniffed the wind blowing towards them. She could hear other Raptors coming, and smell their presence coming closer she looked at Blue “Blue there’s other Raptors coming. They smell as if they are male?” Zelda says and turns to Blue her tail whipping around behind her as she turned rather quickly.

Commet could smell them to she was much to old for the males to kill she could now defend herself, but Blue’s young ones were just hatchlings maybe a few mouths old “Commet take the young ones back to the nest and defend them if the males come to close. We can take it from here. Although the males shouldn’t come to the best since we are here.”

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Wraith ran towards the sounds of the female raptors bounding over logs and large rocks, he didn't need to glance behind himself to see his brother knowing that he was always close behind. They stopped a few feet away from Zelda and Blue, within sight range. Wraith saw the hatchlings and the slightly older female near Zelda and moved forward bravely.

Flash nipped at her brothers sides, moving Robin then Rex in front of her racing them to the nest and safety.

Moving forward as she stood tall she moved closer to the two males. Both of whom seemed more interested in Zelda and her daughter. Though they didn't seem to want to hurt them.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Zelda stood tall like blue and let out a deep growl as she saw them stop a few feet in-front of her. She hoped Commet and Blue’s chicks were back at the nesting site they were supposed to be at. Zelda watched the two males as they seemed interested in her and possibly Commet but not Blue for some odd reason.

Zelda stepped forward bravely “what are you guys doing here? We don’t know you.” She said to the two males, Definitely bigger than her, but not much taller and muscular than Blue. But that didn’t stop her from trying to stick up for them against the two males.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Looking for Territory and Mates, We have a friend named Rock who's with the pack that kicked us out, He was mates with the Blue one and made a point that we shouldn't be interested in her. Wraith said to Zelda, backing up a bit And we wouldn't hurt the hatchlings or the young female, My brother seems around her age.

Blue looked at the two males curiously, then heard that they knew Rock and breathed air out her nose in a sigh.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Zelda seemed to have calmed down a bit as she got into a relaxed form of body posture, but still a bit cautious as she looked back at Blue “it’s your call if we should let them stay.” She said to Blue as Commet came over for a small inspection as she saw the two older males her jaw dropped a bit.

As she quickly snapped out of it by shaking her head she wondered what they were doing here her mom told her what they were here for and Commet was confused but somehow she understood most of what her mom had told her. She’d thought the younger male was cute, but also the older one as well. She’d never seen an older male before, this was a first.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sure, you boys can stay, but remember, I'm in charge She said chittering before making a shrill sound combined with a hiss for the last part, warning them.

Wraith lowered his head respectfully, nipping his brother when he didn't do the same. Thank you. They said chirping.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Zelda and Commet both looked at Blue and then looked at the two big males, and nodded to them. As they both walked over to Blues chicks and Raven ran out, the troublemaker the the growing young velociraptors pack. He ran up to Blue, and noticed the big males. He stood up as high as he could reach for a second as he studied as much of the grown males as he could see.

Once he noticed that Zelda and Commet were talking to them he zoomed past his mother Blue to get a look at the two grown males. They were much much bigger than he was. He had to look way up at them. He decided it was to much looking up so he jumped on top of Zelda’s back. Lifting his curved sharp nails away from her tough scaled body.

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Wraith looked at Raven and clicked a hello tilting his head to the side studying the young male curiously then looked at the attractive female that had the hatchling on her back.

Drake listened before pouncing in the trees, bringing down a boar that was nearby. After he killed it he dragged it into the clearing then moved away so the females could eat first.

Blue took a few bites before inviting the others to join her.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Zelda and Commet waited for their turn as the role in the pack goes. As she saw Blue and her young had taken their first few bites they joined her as Blue’s young moved away to pick at the scraps that was left on the.

Zelda ate the boar carcus more aggressively than Commet did. As all the meals that Zelda killed or caught while they were on their own went to Commet. Zelda had her scraps and ate lots of small lizards, or the ones she could catch. She ate the carcus high her very sharp teeth to tear the meat clean off the bones of the boar.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Blue now full backed away, nudging her young ones away once she felt that they'd had their fill, the two males taking their place finishing the carcass with Commet and Zelda.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Raven and his siblings ran away to the nest as Raven was feeling a bit to full. He was getting pretty tired from eating too much of the carcus. When he got to the nest he curled up wrapping his tail around and curling up inside his wrapped tail and cuddled up against the side of the nest and fell asleep rather quickly.

Commet and Zelda continued eating as Commet ate Zelda ate more and more pretty hungry as she did so, Commet looked up at her mom “Mom, slow down your going to get a stomachache from eating to fast.” She said concerningly to her mom.

Zelda leaned up and looked at Commet with her caring eyes, she only has for her daughter and nodded “Thanks Commet, what would I do without you?” She asked and went back to eating not as aggressively and as intense as before. “Get a stomachache from eating to fast.” Commet said and looked at the two older males as she started eating again.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Flash is almost as old as Commet, Because she's from Blue's first Clutch of eggs, her siblings died from the Alpha Female of her mate Rock's pack, and Raven, Robin and Rex are from a recent clutch))

Flash walked over and looked at her mother then her new packmates and waited by one of the trees for Commet so they could play.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments ((Oh okay, I thought Flash was Raven, Robbin, and Rex’s age sorry about that))

Commet was done eating as she noticed Flash over by the trees, she purposely got low enough to where Flash could still see her, but most of her body was hidden. She’d just eaten so she was full of energy as she’d hope Flash would see this is a type of play not an attack plan, she slowly walked towards Flash starring at her with a playful joy in her eyes.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli ((Its okay))

Flash crouched her tail twitching behind her and jumped to the side and chirped.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Commet leaped out at Flash chirping excitedly as she knew Flash knew she was playing with her now. Her tail flew above her head as she leaped at her putting her feet in front of her as she landed on the ground.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Flash turned swinging her muscular tail towards Commet, intentionally missing cause she didn't want to hurt her new friend. She nipped at Commet playfully, backing up afterwards, tthen did it again.

smallshineyhearts | 65 comments Commet swing around doing the same thing as Flash, she intentionally missed Flash. But after that she ran away from Flash expecting her to chance her. She was excited that she finally had a playmate to play with. It’s seems like forever that she hasn’t had a playmate to play with. She chirped as she ran away from Flash

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