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Steph & Brianna - Gone Girl

Brianna Andreda Do you know which part of the month you want to read this book?

Steph (blue01022) Hi - is late in the month okay? I have the ebook and a few galleys I have to read first. Maybe around the 20th?

Brianna Andreda That's fine cause I have a few books to read too

Steph (blue01022) I almost forgot about our buddy read! haha. I'm ready to start this one, if you still want to.

Brianna Andreda Yes I would still like to do this buddy read. When would you like to start? And do you want to read by chapters, percentage, or pages?

Steph (blue01022) I can start whenever you're ready! And I have the ebook, so going either by chapters or percentage would work well. But I'm flexible :)

Brianna Andreda Okay I would love to start tomorrow. There is a 24-hour read-a-thon going on tomorrow in another group that I am in. I also have the ebook, so we could go by percentage since the chapters aren't numbered. How many days would you like to set the book over? Or would you like to just set it to a certain percentage to read and then come and share our thoughts when we get to that percentage?

Steph (blue01022) Okay, I'll be starting today, then! Usually in buddy reads I like to start reading, and then see what both of our paces are, and share our thoughts along the way. But if you'd prefer more structure, that's fine, too. Just let me know.

What group is doing the 24-hour read-a-thon? That's really exciting, I wish I had known about it sooner! Those are so fun. Good luck with it!

Brianna Andreda Thst is fine with me. I'm fine either way. That way we wont have to stop reading if it gets good or forget what we wanted to post. Hooked on Books is doing a 24-hour-Read-A-Thon. They also have week long read-a-thons. Bookworm Bitches does Read-A-Thons on some weekends. There's actually one coming up next weekend, starting on August 30 and ending August 31.

Steph (blue01022) Have you started the book yet? I'm 7% in. It's good so far, but kind of slow going!

One thing really confused me at 3% (view spoiler).

(and thanks for the read-a-thon info, by the way!)

Brianna Andreda Yes I just started the book at 12. I'm only 4% in. I agree that it is going kind of slow. I feel a little bad for Nick because of his dying parents.

I didn't get that part either. I don't know if it was because the others were looking down. I'm unsure why that would freak him out. Maybe it had something to do with the river. Lol

And you're welcome for the read-a-thon info. I really love doing those.

Steph (blue01022) But why are were they all walking in a line?? Haha, I guess it doesn't really matter, but I keep thinking back to that part. A lot of little things like that seem to be intentionally unclear.

What part are you on? I'm at 16%. A little annoyed at the book right now, but hoping it will get better! I have such high expectations for this one!

Brianna Andreda I didn't quite get why there were walking in a line. Unless they're a bowling team, or something. I also don't get why Nick lied to cops about small things. And why does he seem kind of okay that Amy is missing? Like he wants her to be found but it doesn't seem like he is expressing that.

I am currently 21% in the book. I hope it gets better as well.

Steph (blue01022) I don't understand Nick's lies, either. I don't think he took her or anything, but I definitely think there was something big going on between them before she went missing. Like when at some point he said it was too late, he had already made a decision? I can't remember the exact context of that, but it was something vague and ominous!

Another miscellaneous thing that I don't understand: why does Nick refer to his phone as disposable? Does he have one that police can't track, or something? Or did he explain it before, but I'm forgetting?

I'm at 26% now. I'm going to try to get to 30% tonight, that will be 10% every day. It's good that we're doing this buddy read, or else I would be reading a lot slower! haha. How far are you now?

Brianna Andreda Have you made it to 54% yet? That part is very crazy. I just got to that part about a few minutes ago. I've slacked a little on the reading because I had to do hair.

Right not I'm at 54% and I think that the book will really pick up from here.

I remember that part when he said it was already too late. I was thinking that he had done something to her and that why he said it was already to late. It just shocks me sometimes when he speaks of her in the past tense likes she's already did.

Let me know when you get to the chapter "Amy Elliot Dune Day Of." I would really like to discuss that part because I know have so many thoughts pertaining to that and I know feel like the story is finally getting good.

Steph (blue01022) Ooh, I got to 56% this morning - and you're right, the story is definitely picking up now!

What are your thoughts on it now? I'm still not really sure how I feel about things, so I'd love to hear what you're thinking. The only thing I'm sure of is that I really dislike both Nick and Amy. I'm wondering who I'm supposed to be rooting for....

Brianna Andreda At first, I was really liking Amy and felt very bad for her. Now I actually despise Amy. I feel like she has went to the extreme just because Nick was cheating her. I feel like she doesn't think how her actions played any part in Nick's cheating. I still think it is wrong for Nick to cheat in the first place.

I really do not think that Nick should be going to jail for killing Amy since she is not dead. I'm kind of rooting for Nick, just in the sense that I hope he doesn't go to jail.

Right now, I'm 82% through the book.

Steph (blue01022) Yes, I agree with most of what you said. I'm at 90% now, and I still hate everyone! haha. Hopefully I'll finish it tonight.

Brianna Andreda I'm at 93% now. I will most likely finish the book tonight as well. I'm about to start reading it now.

Brianna Andreda I just finished the book and I hated the ending.

Steph (blue01022) UGH, I just finished, too. What a disappointment!

I didn't like the ending, either, but I wasn't really surprised by it. What kind of ending were you expecting? and did you think it was worth reading?

Brianna Andreda I was kind of expecting for everyone to find out what Amy did. I did not feel like it was worth reading. It was so slow to start. I didn't like how the only person who will be happy at the end is Amy when she is the one causing everyone so much pain.

Steph (blue01022) Yeah, it was so slow to start, the first half was terribly boring. Though I am impressed with us - we still managed to finish on the same day, and before august ended! haha.

I kind of feel like there's so much praise for this book, even if it were great, it never could have lived up to my expectations. oh well.

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