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message 1: by Leandra (last edited Jun 03, 2018 04:28PM) (new)

Leandra (grooven) | 1 comments Hello fellow horror fanatics, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for YA horror with some sort of fantasy or supernatural aspect. I'm open to a one that isn't fantasy/paranormal as long as it's a good read and if it is Adult too.

Things I'm not fond of are vampires and werewolves . I will not read any with animal abuse/torture.

Thank you so much :)

message 2: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Appleby-Dean (benjaminappleby-dean) YA horror is often a tricky one (speaking as someone trying to write it) - I can only think of a couple of good examples.

I can definitely recommend Sorrow's Knot by Erin Bow.

Diana Wynne Jones' The Time of the Ghost is another favourite, but I see you've already read that one!

message 3: by Ken B (new)

Ken B | 6593 comments Jonathan Stroud's Lockwood Series
The Ocean at the End of the Lane and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
The Stone Child by Dan Poblocki
Joseph Delaney's Last Apprentice Series
F.E. Higgins' Sinister City Series
Author John Bellairs wrote several great series
Author Avi
R.L. LaFevers' Theodosia Throckmorton Series

message 4: by Ken B (last edited Jun 05, 2018 04:34AM) (new)

Ken B | 6593 comments There were a couple other threads on this topic a few years ago:



message 5: by B (new)

B | 20 comments Hi
I am struggling at the moment to find a really good horror book that is scary does anyone have any suggestions please?

message 6: by B (new)

B | 20 comments Oh a suggestion for a great YA horror/ fantasy is The Call.

message 7: by Laurie (last edited Jun 14, 2018 11:15AM) (new)

Laurie   (barklesswagmore) | 1471 comments Jeff Strand's written several YA titles:

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever by Jeff Strand
The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever

A Bad Day For Voodoo by Jeff Strand A Bad Day For Voodoo

I Have a Bad Feeling about This by Jeff Strand I Have a Bad Feeling about This

This one is dark fiction & I loved it:
Tithe (Modern Faerie Tales, #1) by Holly Black

This one is creepy & features teen characters:
The Well by Marie Sexton
The Well

message 8: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Zaccaria | 161 comments Everything written by Dan Poblocki!

message 9: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 1656 comments A couple of my YA faves..

Long Lankin (Long Lankin, #1) by Lindsey Barraclough this one had some really creepy scenes in it.

Demon Road (Demon Road, #1) by Derek Landy there's 2 more in this trilogy, good fun, pretty dark themes with a bisexual protagonist.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Ashes (Ashes Trilogy, #1) by Ilsa J. Bick this is another trilogy, a zombie-apocalypse theme with a huge twist on the traditional 'zombie'. My favourite YA horror trilogy of all time. If you like YA I can't recommend this trilogy highly enough.

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray by Chris Wooding I read this years ago, can't remember much but I know I really enjoyed it.

And if you like fantasy, you can't go past Sabriel (Abhorsen, #1) by Garth Nix I've read this trilogy 3 times!

And I just realized all of these books have female leads! Girls rule ok!

message 10: by B (new)

B | 20 comments Thanks 😃

message 11: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Martin (kellymartinbooks) | 3 comments Dark and Deadly Things

I know it might be weird to suggest my own book lol but this does fit what you are looking for. Ghosts-- no vampire, werewolves-- and not over the top scary. I don't normally suggest my own book, but it fits here.

Here are some other YA horror that I like:

There's Someone Inside Your House

and my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE 'scary' book ever (even though it's kinda not, and not really YA)

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Hope this help!

message 12: by Katie (new)

Katie Gallagher (katiejanegallagher) | 6 comments I have been trying to find some good YA horror lately... I did read The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, which was pretty fun.

Definitely not recent, but this is good, scary, and I think it definitely counts as YA, since it is all about coming of age. Something Wicked This Way Comes

Oh, oh, oh! Try this one as well for a creepy setting and heavy psychological elements where you're not sure what's real and what's not. The Dead House

message 13: by Crowinator (new)

Crowinator | 92 comments I second the recommendation for Cyn Balog's Alone. It's a killer.

message 14: by Christine (last edited Jun 19, 2018 03:48PM) (new)

Christine McCann | 1 comments I'm in the middle of Chris Priestley's Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, and so far it's almost as good as his Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror - both employ creepy frame tales for a series of themed short stories. Some of the stories have stayed with me, and I'm almost shocked that they're included in a book for kids! But overall the nastiness is super fun, and the frame tale ties things together nicely.

The illustrations are very Gorey-esque and add a nice shiver.

He has several other "Tales of Terror" collections that I'm looking forward to checking out!

message 15: by Hayla (new)

Hayla | 10 comments My favorite series is The Monstrumologist Collection by Rick Yancey. It's a YA series but has lots of depth and philosophical insights.

message 16: by Tom (new)

Tom Lewis | 28 comments "The Dead House".
"Penpal" will raise the hairs on your arms (it did mine. LOL)

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