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message 1: by Nanette (new)

Nanette Hensley | 2 comments A disguised Lady Rae boards a naval ship to seek vengeance for her brother’s death. The captain (whose cabin she shares) has long distrusted the motives of society ”ladies” but forms a friendship with his new officer’s boy. Lady Rae is in danger of being distracted from her goal by her developing fascination for the brave, handsome captain. If he discovers her ruse, she will lose his regard and, quite possibly, her life.

Please message me if interested in Beta Reading @ or respond to this post.

Thank you!

message 2: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 7 comments Hi Nanette, your book sounds interesting. Would you be willing to swap novels? Mine is also a Regency romance, 70k, which primarily takes place in Bath, England. A teenage girl wants to make a notable difference, but her vanity gets in the way.

If interested, email me at bubblymissy underscore 16 at hotmail dot com.

message 3: by Nanette (new)

Nanette Hensley | 2 comments Hey Missy! Sounds good! I have sent a message to your email account. Please let me know if you receive it. Thanks!

message 4: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 7 comments I got your email! Sending you a reply now.

message 5: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Crystal-Thurston | 29 comments Hi Nanette, this sounds like it could make for a very interesting book. I would be happy to help! I can either do the read in segments or as a whole. I generally think it's best to start with a sample and see if we are a good fit as writer and beta reader, so if that's what you think, send over your first couple chapters!

My email is

message 6: by Loria (new)

Loria | 9 comments Hi Nanette, I just emailed you. Let me know if you still need a beta reader.

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