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Writing buddy in spanish!

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message 1: by Thairos (new)

Thairos (missraawwr) | 1 comments Hello there!

I used to write a few years ago but due to depression I stopped doing so. I want to start writing again but I give up easily, so I need a writing buddy/critique partner to write with because it'll be more fun and it 'll help me a lot. I need someone who can understand/read spanish because is my first language and everything I write is in spanish.

Name: Mamen Latorre
Genre: YA Fantasy
Location: Spain
Publishing: None
Qualities: Honest, fun and creative
Contact: You can contact me here or by email thelastraawwr@gmail.com

Thank you!

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom Heeren | 35 comments Mamen,

Hi!!! I know Spanish so can we get together to set up a schedule to exchange manuscripts and offer help?

I'm Tom and write:

• plays
• poetry
• historical fiction
• children’s picture books
• essays
• short fiction for children and adults

I’ve written several short stories for children but I’ve published three (one children’s Easter story, a historical fiction novel’s first chapter and some poetry). My WWI story was featured on an online critique group a few years ago. Right now, I’m still undecided over either concentrating more on the Easter children’s story or the WWI historical fiction work. We writers are challenged by our writing decisions, you know.

I’m proud to write to shape the world’s love for reading ALL THE WAY!!!  

My email address is thomasheeren@cox.net. Hope to hear from you soon and take care!


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