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Jenna | 27 comments Mod
Hello everyone and thank you all for joining the Lucy Preston Literary Society! I'm still amazed at how quickly this book club grew.

I thought it would be nice for us to have a place to introduce ourselves and get to know each other, network, and make friends. Feel free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. I know we're all Timeless fans and bookworms, so we have at least two things in common already!

I'll go first -

My name is Jenna (of course). I live in Alabama - born and raised here. My twitter is @fairvictorious. I have a Boston Terrier named Charlie. Besides Timeless and books (obviously), some of my loves are history, animals, mythology, baseball (grew up a Braves fan but have become more of a Cubs fan in recent years), space, the ocean (I'm lucky to live fairly close to the Gulf of Mexico), Hamilton, and Virtue and Moir (Canadian ice dancers and reigning Olympic champs).

I have an accounting degree and currently work as a payroll clerk. It's a pretty stressful job, so Timeless and books are my escape. For almost 12 years, though, I worked as an editor.

I've always loved to read. I could (and still can) spend hours in a bookstore or library.

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Rosalina | 5 comments Hi Jenna! My name is Rosalina. Like everyone else, I also am a Timeless fan. I literally only started using twitter for trying to get the show renewed. Let’s hope it happens sometimes soon. 😊

I was a teacher for five years and now am a stay at home mom of four little ones as well as a foster mom. We have three cats, but I would also love a dog one day. When I was little the way my folks would ground me was to take away my books. It is great to be older and decide when I get to read. 😂 I love history and am excited to read these books with everyone.

message 3: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten (xfkirsten) | 19 comments Hi everyone! I'm Kirsten! Been a Timeless fan since day one, and a bookworm ever since I can remember! I love to read just about anything that catches my eye, but my usual genres are wildlife non-fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, and Disney history.

Native Seattleite who's lived in quite a few other parts of the country, but keep coming back to my rainy home. Former zookeeper and nature educator who's made the jump into the tech industry. Marathon runner who's been down with health problems for the last couple of years. I fill my sports void by watching lots of baseball, football, and hockey. Mariners, Seahawks, and Canucks - I'm a hometown-team kinda girl!

This is a fantastic idea - looking forward to seeing what books and discussions we get into here!

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Jamie (wonderwaugh79) | 45 comments Mod
Hi guys! My name is Jamie and I’m from a small town in West Virginia. I was a dental hygienist for 16 years and I recently left my job to stay at home with my 2 kids. Since my first time as a child in the local library summer reading program, I was hooked on books! My husband has a degree in history and I love historical novels so we are a match made in heaven! Both of our children love to watch Timeless and learn more about the featured characters. Our family is also into all things Disney and we try to take the kids to Orlando at least once a year. I look forward to going on this journey with the rest of you #clockblockers

message 5: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 27 comments Mod
It's so nice to meet you all and learn more about you!

I went back and added more details about myself to my original post. I wasn't too sure at first how much info I should hit you with. :)

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Nora Haase | 2 comments Hi Jenna and Fellow Bookworms,

I am Nora from PA. Born and raised. Lived for about 7 years in New Jersey, but was happy to come back to PA and cheer on my Phillies and Eagles!

Have 3 grown kids, 4 dogs, and a cat! My house is pretty busy throughout the day.

I have a degree in Elementary Education and Communications. I taught for nine years after college and then stayed home for several years to raise my kids.

I went back to work part time in 2004 as a retail associate and have now been working for them for 14 years! I started full time with them in 2006 and I do love my job! (Probably don’t hear that much from a retail worker.)

I love to read!! I was the kid who spent hours in the library. I loved the quiet and the smell of the books.
Probably because I grew up in a house with 8 siblings..

Have started reading Mrs Sherlock Holmes and I’m hooked!

Looking forward to a year of great reads!

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Risha (rishareads) | 5 comments Rosalina wrote: "Hi Jenna! My name is Rosalina. Like everyone else, I also am a Timeless fan. I literally only started using twitter for trying to get the show renewed. Let’s hope it happens sometimes soon. 😊

I wa..."

Hi Rosalina! I'm also a former teacher now turned SAHM (and homeschool mom) of four kiddos! It's a crazy life, but I love it!

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Risha (rishareads) | 5 comments Hi, I'm Risha! I can't ever remember a time when I didn't choose reading as my preferred pastime! Historical fiction has become my absolute favorite genre of late, though I do like some contemporary fiction, dystopian YA novels, and nonfiction as well. I just finished the Harry Potter series last week, better late than never, I guess! I'm a former teacher, and I now spend my days homeschooling my four kiddos. Never thought this would be my life, but it's mine, and I love it!

My favorite historical time period to read about spans from the American Civil War to WWII. I could probably narrow that in and say 1890s-1920s, and then WWII. But I'm excited to read more of the books that have been added here and discuss them with you lovely people!

message 9: by Natasha (new)

Natasha | 8 comments Hello fellow book-and history-lovers!

I go by Natasha and, like everyone else here, am a bookworm and enthusiast of Timeless. I love history so much that, at almost forty, I went back to school and am currently working on a PhD in history! I work in twentieth century American history. I read voraciously, both fiction and nonfiction, and have dabbled in writing both.

I'm looking forward to bookish conversation in this group!

message 10: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1 comments Hey everyone!

My name is Katie and I live in Ohio with my best friend, a betta named Artemis, and a snail named Hermes 🙂 I have two part-time jobs to pay the bills: I'm a pet store employee some days, and a library aid others so I usually work 7 days a week between the two. Because of this, Timeless and reading are really important to me as escapes from my mundane reality.

I love history, I always have. I got a chance to work as a historic interpreter for a full year and it fulfilled a deep need of mine to experience life in someone else's shoes. I have a few history obessions: the Salem Witch trials, the Titanic, Cleopatra, Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Queen Victoria, and the Victorian Era in general hold a deep fascination for me. I'm also a big lover of fantasy and science fiction although, honestly, if you give me a set of compelling characters I'll read any genre.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know my fellow Timeless fans!

message 11: by Sarah (last edited Jun 03, 2018 06:09PM) (new)

Sarah (sarahreadsroyals) | 20 comments Hello everyone! It finally nice to get you all know little bit :)

My name is Sarah, I'm 24 years old. I'm from Chicago. I graduated last December with Bachelor of Science in General Studies. Been watching Timeless since it premiered but I didn't become obsessed until recently, I don't know why I didn't start sooner because of that pretty much the only thing I had been tweeting lately! 😜 (Btw, my twitter is sarahroyalty23. Feel free to follow me there)

I had been history and book lover as long I could remember. When I was a child, I LOVED American Girl (Kirsten was my favorite!), Dear America (Wide and Lonesome Prairie was my favorite book) and Little House on the Prairie (Do you see the pattern here, heheheh) However, the girl has to grow up, so I had outgrown with obsessing with Pioneers and now I'm currently into the Tudors, the 1920s, all the historical mysteries like Ronakoe Island and of course, the fashion history!

I'm a huge homebody so whenever people try to find me, you can easily find me in my bed, reading one of the books or writing in my journal or typing on my laptop. Whenever I'm not at home or at work or at the library, honestly that only three places that I go regularly, I like riding on my bicycle at forest preserve park.

I'm looking forward to any conversation happening because honestly, I'm so excited to discuss with people that feel same as I do as none of my friends love books and history and Timeless :P

message 12: by Aileen (new)

Aileen | 20 comments Hi everyone.
I'm Aileen. I'm a wife and mother of 3 kids (twin boys who are 24 and a 6 year old girl). I work in IT for a non-profit social services agency in CT.

I'm originally from Hawaii. Past jobs include retail and working in quality control for a typesetter in the publishing industry. That job was supposed to be fun, but turned into a soul sucking morale destroying job that kept me from actually reading for a good 6-7 years. I'm over it now and am enjoying reading again.

I usually read SF&F. I'm big into escapism. ;)

Doing GISH this year for the 2nd year.

My twitter and insta is @ladychryse. Both very new accounts.

message 13: by Ana (new)

Ana Ferreira | 1 comments Hi! I'm Ana!

I'm obviously a Timeless fan and I first start watching Timeless because Sean Maguire. He was announced as a guest star playing Ian Fleming, I'm a fan of Sean and since his appearance just occurred in the 4th episode I had to watch it from the very beginning and I fell in love with the show.

I love reading, but I'm feeling guilty and ashamed right now because I read just 2 books this year, but life has been crazy, my kindle is full of unread books and I feel guilty just to look at my bookshelves, I totally intend to read more, promise! I also have no idea how goodreads works, I have my account for a couple of years, but I don't really use it. So, help!

message 14: by Katie (new)

Katie Parks | 1 comments Mod
Hi everyone -

I'm Katie, and I can't tell you how excited I am about this group!

I lived all over the place (Ohio native, raised in Colorado with a few years spent in Europe as a small child), but I've spent most of my adult life in the Southeast. I'm in Charlotte, N.C., currently, and my husband and I have three kids, all Timeless fans.

I have undergraduate degrees in mass communications and political science and a master's degree in journalism. I spent 16 years as a copy editor/page designer at various newspapers and now work for a news aggregator. I occasionally dabble in writing, with my most recent blog post inspired by the Mrs. Sherlock Holmes episode.

I've been reading as long as I can remember, and as an introverted child I much preferred the company of books to attempting to make friends. Thankfully, I've overcome my intense shyness, but never my love for books.

Much like Lucy, I cut my teeth on biographies written for children. Historical figures covered included Abigail Adams, Phyllis Wheatley and George Washington Carver. I wish I could remember what the book series was called, but I checked out every single book from it that I could get my hands on.

I'll stop my rambling, but if you want to find me on Twitter, I'm @chillyhades. Looking forward to diving into these books with you!

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Megan | 2 comments Hello everyone! My name is Megan. I love Timeless and have been hooked from the beginning! I started my twitter back up so I could help try to get Timeless renewed. I also love books. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember and always had my nose stuck in a book! My favorite genres are Historical fiction and fantasy. Sarah mentioned the American Girl books and Dear America, I loved those books! As well as Little House on the Prairie. ;)
I love history, traveling and I dabble in writing. I live in Virginia which is rich in history and I enjoy going around and checking out museums and historical sites. I am a wife and mother to a precious little girl who is turning 1 on Friday! I look forward to sharing my love of books and history with her. ;) Currently no pets, but hopefully soon!
I'm so excited about this group and getting to know all of you!

message 16: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 44 comments Hi everyone! I'm Catherine, I live in central Illinois. I have been watching Timeless since the very first episode and I've been a reader for as long as I can remember. The first book series I fell in love with was Nancy Drew and I've been a fan of mysteries ever since, but I try to read a variety of book genres.

I'm single and I don't have any human children but I do have one cat named Puck. I work as a researcher and I've been with the same company for a little over 20 years (in a few various roles).

I'm on Twitter a lot (@Cat_grl6) and I'm also on Litsy (catherine2), but Goodreads is my favorite website. I love to do reading challenges and talk to people about books and reading. I'm really looking forward to making some new friends here!

message 17: by Sam (last edited Jun 04, 2018 10:18AM) (new)

Sam French | 1 comments Hi everyone, I’m Sam (Samantha)
named for the witch in Bewitched, I’m thirty, single but I’m a dog Mum to a rescued Lancashire Heeler called Fletch.
I live in South East England on a livery yard, lots of space for my best friend.
I’m a former zookeeper, was a veterinary nurse for ten years, now I freelance as a groom, horses have been a passion my whole life. I also have a pet care business with a friend.
My town is very historic, we are surrounded by history here, hence my love of it.
I like to run, read, walk my dog, horse ride & I do archery (no shooting at animals)
I have an English Longbow, even make my own arrows.
I’m a musical theatre nerd! & I also love Shakespeare.
Pleasure to meet you!

message 18: by Beth (last edited Jun 04, 2018 10:52AM) (new)

Beth | 15 comments Hello fellow Timeless fans! I'm Beth, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm a speechwriter and own a company that researches the history and facts associated with public policy at the state and local levels of government. I studied political science in college - mostly because it's so closely aligned with the study of history.

I absolutely love good writing, and I read non-fiction for fun. I am so excited to learn there are others who do, as well! I can't wait to learn more about history with new friends who understand that Timeless is one of the greatest gifts TV has given us.

My lifelong love of reading came from being home-schooled, so I'm thrilled there are so many home-school moms in this group.

I'm looking forward to our books and conversations!

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Sarah (sarahreadsroyals) | 20 comments Michelle wrote: "Hello all!

My name is Michelle. On Twitter I am @realJan_really. I joined solely for the purpose of tweeting for Timeless.

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, where I have lived most of m..."

Hhahahaha! It's finally nice to meet you, the owner of Jan twitter account! I see you everywhere on Twitter and you always give me an ole good laugh. I'm def following you now as I was too scared to follow you before! :P

message 20: by River (new)

River Langham | 1 comments Hello Everyone
I'm River or @MISSYriver.
A single mother with two young kids. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and work full time. Avid reader and blocked writer.

message 21: by Kimmy (new)

Kimmy Hello Everyone!
My Name is Kimberly or Kimmy for short and @KimmyCushner on Twitter. l have loved Timeless from the beginning! I started Twitter as a way to promote my writing and cross-stitching blog before finding the Timeless fandom.

I am 26 and single. So no children, but l have two dogs named Pixie and Brio and have lived in western Washington state all my life. I am an avid bookworm and writer. I am currently working a YA fantasy novel, which l am enjoying writing! I have an associates degree in Arts and Sciences and l hope to start on a Literature degree soon. I work as a restaurant hostess currently.

I have loved reading since l was little. l was very shy and definitely preferred the escaping into a book! Some of you have mentioned American Girl and Little House on the Prairie and l loved those too. Of course, it was Harry Potter that inspired me to write my own stories. I enjoy a wide variety of genres and some non-fiction, although sci-fi, historical, and fantasy are my favorites! I also love cross-stitch and embroidery, playing piano (classical mostly), mythology, music, history, horseback riding, singing, musical theatre, nature, listening to podcasts, and l am huge tea drinker!

I am so excited for this group because we are all passionate about Timeless and books! And I enjoy finally getting to know all of you beyond your Twitter handles!

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Stephanie W | 7 comments Sam wrote: "Hi everyone, I’m Sam (Samantha)
named for the witch in Bewitched, I’m thirty, single but I’m a dog Mum to a rescued Lancashire Heeler called Fletch.
I live in South East England on a livery yard, l..."

Hi Sam! Pleasure to meet a fellow archer! I am still new at it but I am hoping my university has a club team. I use a recurve bow myself. I love that you make your own arrows, is it difficult?

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Susan | 1 comments Katie wrote: "Much like Lucy, I cut my teeth on biographies written for children. Historical figures covered included Abigail Adams, Phyllis Wheatley and George Washington Carver. I wish I could remember what the book series was called..."

Hi Katie! Could the biographies be the old "Childhood of Famous Americans" series? The original books were written between the 1930s-1950s, and I have probably close to 40 titles. Anyway, that's the first thing that came to mind when you mentioned bios written for children.

message 24: by Sara (new)

Sara | 2 comments Hi everyone my name is Sara. At first I thought timeless was just a show online then I saw the commercial for it and realized that it’s a show on tv. I grew up watching reading rainbow and devoured books. Now that I’m in my 40’s I find myself busy with work and seem not to have any time to read. I’ve red “little house series” “anne of green gables” “gone with the wind” (in 3 weeks) .
I have a question for everyone. Which do you like better real physical books made from paper or the electronic books of today?
Well that’s all for now. Have a great day!!

message 25: by Catherine (new)

Catherine | 44 comments I prefer to read physical books but I do have an e-reader also. It's convenient for traveling and a lot of the "cozy mystery" type books I read are much cheaper on the Kindle.

message 26: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahreadsroyals) | 20 comments I prefer physical books over kindle any day (there is something more magical by holding the physical book), however, I have the Kindle as also. Besides the fact that it was handed me down from my mother, I found them more convenient if I'm traveling, away at college, or found myself bored in places or need to escape the reality for a little bit.

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ludivine | 1 comments Hello everyone !

My name is Ludivine (@lurossignol on twitter) and I'm French (so please excuse my poor english and feel free to correct me, I'm eager to improve myself).
I live in a city close to Paris.
I'm an intensive care nurse with both day and night shifts.
I'm 29 and single, so no children.
I currently have a goldfish name Maurice (if there is any french people here, yes, i name it after the commercial ^^).

I've always loved reading, as long as I can remember. My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice (or any Jane Austen really), Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I prefer historical fiction, even with a bit of magic, or non fiction, fantasy and YA distopies. And I'm a fan of romance.

When I'm not reading, I have a passion for all things Disney and I'm often to be found at Disneyland Paris. I like going to the movies with my friends.

message 28: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 27 comments Mod
Just wanted to say hello to everyone and thank you all for taking the time to introduce yourselves. I hope you're enjoying the book club! :)

message 29: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten (xfkirsten) | 19 comments Renee wrote: "Hi Im Renee,
Ended up here via Kirsten whom I’ve never met (we live on opposite ends of the globe) but somehow she keeps leading me to amazing fandoms (Castle, Chuck and Timeless to name a few). Im..."

Glad you found your way here! The internet is an amazing thing. :D

message 30: by ebookclassics (new)

ebookclassics | 20 comments Hello everyone! My name is C.J. (also known as @ebookclassics) and it's been a pleasure reading your profiles. I live outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my family. I work for a non-profit association and volunteer with a book festival and local orchestra doing their social media (no gifs, unfortunately).

I'm an avid reader and mostly read literary fiction, but I think this year might be all about non-fiction with the help of this book club. I also like science fiction and historical fiction so maybe Timeless could change my reading habits! I used to blog about books, but now I'm mostly on Twitter sharing stuff about books, adaptations and bookish life. I also watch too much TV, lol.

I'm leading the discussion about the book Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterley and how it relates to the Timeless episode, Space Race. Come check it out and chat with me whether or not you're going to read the book. Look forward to getting to know everyone. Happy reading!

message 31: by Susan (new)

Susan Rubinstein | 7 comments Hi. I'm Susan and I live in the SE Philadelphia suburbs. I'm a 'young' baby boomer (almost 59) who grew up in Massapequa Park, Long Island, NY. I was always an avid reader, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. My home was full of books, and I read them all, no matter what reading level they were. My dad was always interested in history, and he was about to enter a university in London, England when WW2 broke out. He later became an expert on WW1. I read lots of genres now...historical fiction, all types of NF, light mysteries, and Star Trek novels. I stay away from horror. It was Timeless that led me to the book, The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. (about H.H. Holmes and the Chicago World's Fair. I have a passion for studying WW2 and I also write fanfiction (mainly in the Hogan's Heroes' genre).

message 32: by Caroline D. (new)

Caroline D. (CarolineReads) | 6 comments Hi fellow Clockblockers and literary lovers! My name is Caroline. I'm a booktuber (CarolineReads on YouTube), and I also do a lot of tweeting (@Reads_Cara) about Timeless. I have, as others have mentioned above, been interested in history since reading the American Girls books growing up, but my favorite time period has to be the Tudor period in England (I love learning about Queen Elizabeth I and her family).

I'm always ready to learn more about the kickbutt women in history, as well as those from marginalized backgrounds who we haven't learned about in school.

I'm about to start my senior year in college studying Family Sciences, but I'm thinking about doing something with books in my future career (possibly getting a masters in library science).

I'm looking froward to discussing with you all!

message 33: by Liz (new)

Liz (mm_96_8) | 1 comments Hey Everyone!! I'm Liz. I'm from the northern suburbs of Chicago. I've been a fan of Timeless since day 1. I'm a huge history nerd who freaked when I found out that there was going to be a show focused on history. I love learning everything I can about military history with WWI and WWII being my current obsessions. I'm also a huge Civil War buff which stemmed from researching genealogy and finding out I'm descended from people who fought in the War. Though I tend to veer toward military history, I'll read anything.

I just graduated from college with a degree in English and I'm thinking of going to grad school to get my masters in History.

I look forward to discussing with ya'll!!!

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Amanda | 1 comments Hello all! I'm Amanda and I LOVE Timeless! Who wouldn't love something that combines history and time travel? I check every day (sometimes multiple times) to see if our show will be back!

I work at my public library, so I have all the books! I have a degree in music education, and plan to graduate in December with a masters in music theory, after which I will go for a MLS/MLIS because I am a glutton for academic punishment!

I like just about all nerdy thing. My lanyard at work consists of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Titanic (the ship, not the movie), Doctor Who, multiple Disney things, and Loki. I also play Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) in my spare time.

When I go to read historical fiction, I tend to lean toward war times (American Revolution, Civil War, WW2), and Regency. I am currently reading "Black Fortunes" by Shomari Wills. I don't ready much non-fiction, but this is fabulous!

I probably won't comment much, but I will check in with the forum and read what everyone else is discussing. Cheers!

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Sandy Pearson-reed | 2 comments Hi all. I'm Sandy. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and like many of you have said here I can't ever remember a time when I didn't have a book on the go. I am a baker and customer service worker but at 64 years of age I am looking for to semi-retiring and spending more time reading. My favorite genres are historical fiction which is why I love Timeless, science fiction, fantasy and vintage cookbooks (you can tell a lot about the times people lived in by the food they ate!)
Favorite authors are R.F. Delderfield for historical fiction, Asimov for S.F.
The book Mrs. Sherlock Holmes sounds very interesting.
I live alone with my 5 cats although only 1 is really mine. He I rescued, his sister who was my Mom's cat until she passed and 3 belong to my daughter who can't have her cats with her. Her fiancees cat attacks others.
I am looking forward to being a part of this group.

message 36: by Micheale (new)

Micheale (micheale65) | 1 comments Hey Clockblockers! I’m Micheale (same as Michelle, just weirder) and @highlandgirl65 on Twitter. I’m a full-time, non-traditional (read-old), graduate student in Mental Health and Addictions Counseling. I’ve been a fan of Timeless since the pilot episode and one of my favorite genres to read is historical fiction. I am a voracious reader between semesters and am really excited about this group!

One book I’m planning to read now that I’m on break (yay!) is Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. This group was a great idea! Looking forward to our discussions!


Kinsey Bullock | bookemkinzo  (bookemkinzo) | 1 comments Hello everyone! I'm Kinsey (theofficialkinz on Twitter and wyattsshoulderholsters on tumblr). I am a full time landscape architecture student at the University of Georgia, currently living in south Florida. I love to read, but I have not done much of it in the past few years. Here's to changing that soon!

I love historical fiction, political fiction, or biblical fiction books.

message 38: by Heather (new)

Heather Wise | 3 comments My name is Heather Wise. I live in Lancaster County, Pa with my husband and 3 dogs. I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years. I’ve taught fifth grade for most of it. I have taught at my current school for 17 years. It’s a 45 minute drive, but my coworkers and students are like family, so it makes it worthwhile. We couldn’t have kids, so I put my love into my students, nephews and niece, and dogs. I do love to read, but I am very slow to to having ADD and reading difficulties as a kid. I am a huge fan of Timeless. I love sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, and historical nonfiction . I love to write stories as well. But my other love is being a doll artist. I’m so excited to be here because I think it will keep me on task in reading, and I am excited about chatting about it. I’ve always wanted to be part of a book club. Thank you to all who organized and added to this and brought this to life. I think that is it. 😁

message 39: by Maria (new)

Maria Thomas | 3 comments Hello everybody, my name is Maria. I have been a huge history geek since as long as I can remember. I have a particular interest is the history of the United States but the right topic from any part of history can keep me entertained. I love history so much that I have my bachelors in history education. I was so excited when I saw that a show called "Timeless" was being created and have been an adamant follower ever since. I really hope that we can get somebody to save Timeless!

message 40: by Gretchen (new)

Gretchen | 1 comments Hey all,

Gretchen here! I have been a Timeless fan since to premiered and I hopes and pray we get a S3. I have a BA in History and a MA in international Relations. I love to read and I’m looking forward to discussing books with you all here and on twitter!

message 41: by Jaylynn (new)

Jaylynn Prince | 1 comments Hi all, I’m Jaylynn. I have also been with Timeless from the beginning. Excited about the movie but hoping for so much more!
I am originally from Iowa, spent 25 years in NJ, and now live in Houston. We have 4 adult daughters and 4 grandchildren. I am an RN currently working in L&D.
Books have always been my escape, with historical fiction being my favorite. My Great Aunt gave me the Little House on the Prairie series as soon as I could read and I was hooked. My other favorites are the Outlander series and the Tudor books of Philippa Gregory.
I also crochet and knit and have found Audible a great way to “read” and crochet at the same time 😁.
So nice to meet you all and I look forward to sharing our love of books, history, and Timeless!

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