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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Pike (pikeknight) | 18 comments Mod
I'm an avid reader, English teacher, and author with TZPP books. I founded this group because I wanted to create a space where up-and-coming authors and readers who aren't just seeking more of the same can find each other.

My first novel, The Wolf of Descarta, was published last year, and I'm looking at a tentative release date in November for its sequel, Betrayal at Phobos. Both books are genre benders that include Fantasy elements hedged in Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk.

I became active on Goodreads recently for the purpose of promoting this series and decided that if I'm going to be spending countless hours crawling through discussion boards to raise awareness of the indie scene, I may as well found my own group.

Hopefully, authors, reviewers, and readers will cross paths here for the mutual benefit of all.

message 2: by J.B. (new)

J.B. Rockwell (jbrockwell) | 2 comments I too am an avid reader (sorta comes with the whole writer thing) and had my first book (Breakshield, fantasy on the epic side) published by TZPP this past March, with two follow-up novels in a series coming out in 2015 and 2016, respectively. I work in IT to pay the bills and write in my spare time to pay my soul :) interested to see how this group works out - always looking for ways to connect with other authors and promote my work. Welcome in, everyone, and thanks to Daniel for setting this group up!

message 3: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Steele I am a voracious reader but only occasional reviewer (sorry). I love sci-fi so much, I would hug it if it weren't abstract!

message 4: by Bryen (new)

Bryen O'Riley (BryenORiley) | 2 comments I used to be an avid reader... now I am a mother of four young children - those two things appear to be mutually exclusive! In my spare time I write fantasy novels. My first (The Chronicles of Quat: The Stone) was released a few months ago and the second book in the series will hopefully be released in early 2015.

The series is a traditional fantasy but with some elements of Science that might interest some Sci-fi readers more than the typical fantasy novel would.

message 5: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Mannino | 2 comments Hey, I'm new- fantasy lover, theatre teacher, and YA Fantasy author. I also blog a lot, including about fantasy and magic.

message 6: by S.L. (new)

S.L. Eaves (sleaves) | 1 comments Hi Everyone! I'm a big fan of fantasy, horror, crime and pulp fiction. I signed with TZPP this year and my first book - an urban fantasy/horror novel - The Endangered is due out this August. And I'm currently working on a follow-up.

When I'm not reading and writing, I'm working as a marketing consultant in the Philly area (mostly for software and media companies) while finishing up my MBA. I'm a huge film buff too, especially horror and paranormal genres.

Excited to connect with fellow TZPP authors and fantasy fans. I've checked out some of your work on Amazon and I'm impressed! Feel free to add me as a friend and/or add my book :-)The Endangered


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