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Heather | 8544 comments First: International Whore's Day June 2 “What is International Whores Day? What could our direct actions look like?”

June 2nd, International Whores Day is a day to gather sex working people, their co-conspirators, accomplices, loved ones and communities together in protest to demand an immediate cessation of police and state violence, the end of whorephobia, stigma and shaming, and call for the decriminalization of all sex work now! This is a day to assert collective power and make demands!

*Rallying cries that have been suggested:
-No more criminalizing legislation like FOSTA/SESTA
-No more Massage Parlor or Strip Club raids!
-No more entrapment tactics like “John Stings!”
-No more “Walking while black and trans” arrests or attacks from cops and violent clients!
-No more incarceration for self-defense!

On International Whores’ Day, Artists and Sex Workers Rally Against FOSTA-SESTA, Saying Sex-Trafficking Law Endangers Lives, Censors Art

Artists and their works containing some element of sexual content are collateral damage in the wake of FOSTA-SESTA,” Michael Macleod-Ball, a First Amendment adviser to the American Civil Liberties Union, said. “The bill’s proponents aimed at sex traffickers and those who facilitate sex trafficking online. But all it takes is one zealous prosecutor to go overboard in deciding what constitutes ‘facilitation.’ ”...

Artists, including Crabapple and Schrager, are responding to the current crackdown by contributing work for benefit exhibitions and protests like “One Night Stand,” which was held the Euridice Gallery in Brooklyn last month, and an “International Whores Day of Action” presented today in Washington Square Park in New York by the Black Sex Workers Collective. Supporting artists’ friends and muses in the sex-work community, these events contribute to the Lysistrata Mutual Care Collective and Fund. Olive Glass, a Penthouse Pet who has also posed for David Nicholson, is hosting a fundraiser because, as she sees it, “this law is just another stepping stone in the path of oppression, especially for those artists who attempt to push the boundaries of sexuality.”

A work by Zak Smith.

message 2: by Heather (last edited Jun 03, 2018 05:54AM) (new)

Heather | 8544 comments What do you think?

-In your opinion, are pornographic videos a work of art?

-Are the producers 'artists'?

-Why has this just now become 'news' when magazines like Playboy have been around for decades?

-Do you think the producers, photographers, and writers in the magazines such as Playboy are artists?

-What would you consider 'art' where it is involved in the sex industry? What would you not consider art?

-In your opinion, which of all these displays of 'art' do you think should be censored?

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