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Where can I find more romance like this
Kody Kody Jun 03, 2018 02:33AM
I really enjoyed the action, it kinda of reminded me of monster hunter nemesis which i consider my standard for good action. What really drew me in though was the underlying romance between the male protagonists and his love interest. In fact i find myself rereading the books and skipping ahead to the chapters where the main character interacts with his love interest.

I appreciated the fact that the romance of the book was told from a male's point of view. I appreciated the fact that the series didn't spend forever waiting for the characters to grudgingly admit they love each other, in fact it was almost instant love at first sight and then moving on to how to deal with those feelings.

I've read many urban fantasy series. Monster hunter international, The iron druid series, Mercy thompson, danial faust, dresden files, sandman slim, the pax arcana. All of these are very good series and i loved reading them, but all these series i feel either had to little romance or they dragged it out to the point where i stopped caring.

The closest I've ever come to good romance is with The demon accords (god touched) and The Damned and cursed series (demonspawn). And even The damned and cursed series spends a lot of time dragging out feelings from characters that should have been obvious to everyone involved.

I honestly don't know how to clarify what i'm looking for. If you read these books then you probably get it. There's just something about love at first sight or maybe its the fact that the females almost instantly fall for the protagonist that gets me in the feels. I know it's not common for guys to like romance, nor is it common for romance to be told from a male's point of view. Still, i find myself craving those romantic moments and I've been scouring net looking for them.

Any recommendations are welcome. It doesn't have to be urban fantasy, but i do find supernatural couples entertaining particularly when the male is considered the physically weaker of the two (I.E. a human male and vampire female). What is important however is that the romantic relationship is at least starting within the first couple chapters of the book/series or at least heavily implied.

Lemme know when you find it, because I actually posted the same thing last week. I was gonna recommend Monster Hunter, but you have already read it. Most of the stuff like this is female protagonist. Kinda sucks.

Kody no such luck lol its like finding a needle in a haystack. Though i did find one book. "Her Perfect Mate" it might be right up your alley. ...more
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