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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Do you prefer this or VA? I love this series. And Adrian yep definitely Adrian :)

message 2: by Maya (new)

Maya (ladycarstairs31) | 504 comments I like this series, but Vampire Academy is better.

message 3: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Scott I agree with Maya. And Silver Shadows was really disappointing... But yes, Adrian ahh :D

message 4: by Maya (new)

Maya (ladycarstairs31) | 504 comments I liked Silver Shadows a lot- better than Fiery Heart that's for sure!

message 5: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Scott Silver Shadows just felt so cliche at the end. I'll try not to spoil it, I just felt Sydney's outfit was impractical for what they were doing

message 6: by Maya (new)

Maya (ladycarstairs31) | 504 comments Haha so true!! :)

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