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Monster Prick (Screwed, #1.5)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary romance, erotic, male character- Hudson. [s]

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Mireya | 3 comments read around 2016
the main male character was named Hudson who is sought out for help by his best friend's younger sister for advice. She asks how to be attractive and a "sexual being" as I'm almost 100% sure shes a virgin (they're both older than 21 as they've already gone to college). He is a player but develops feelings for her-- when she asks how to go and lose her v card he gets jealous they eventually develop into a relationship, he shows her what she likes in bed and all that jazz although they're both hesitant. They end up together in the end. They also confront the brother too.

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Mireya | 3 comments THATS IT!

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