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message 1: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (kelsey_simon) | 103 comments Hey!

I have a YA Contemporary Fantasy, or a Magical Realism manuscript, that I need some beta readers for. I am looking for a faster pass -- meaning I don't need line by line comments or detailed comments, just more general responses to if something is working, or if something isn't. Specifically the ending! I am worried my ending might be an issue.

It's 65 thousand words, and has been edited multiple times.

Here is my rough query:

Sixteen-year-old Clay owes his best friend Nicco a life debt. Three years ago, he tried to kill himself and Nicco fought the gun from his grip. Medically, Nicco was dead for three minutes before the doctors revived him and cut the bullet from his side.

Clay will do anything to help Nicco when he needs it, and Nicco needs help a lot. He’s got a taste for adrenaline and loves to start fights, drive crazy, and do just about anything else to get a rush. Jumping from a balcony and into someone’s swimming pool at a party is the next best thing―and ends with Nicco breaking his ankle. Clay can’t help much this time. All he can do is take Nicco to the ER, but thankfully an old classmate shows up―a healer. She uses her ability to fix Nicco up, and unknowingly lays the seed for Nicco’s next obsession.

Suddenly, Nicco becomes interested in healers and starts doing research, reading about them throughout history, learning how they work. Clay finally thinks Nicco’s found something worth being interested in, and leaves him be. He doesn’t see the plan Nicco has set in motion until it might be too late, and this time, the cost to save Nicco might be too high. Clay can try to help, or he can try to forgive himself for what happened three years ago and finally choose himself instead of Nicco―because this time, helping Nicco is going to cost a lot more than a trip to the ER.

Feel free to reply here, message me, or email me at nimoon (dot) writes (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you!

message 2: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Crystal-Thurston | 29 comments Hi Kelsey, this sounds like a really interesting concept. I would love to help. If you are interested, please send me an email at

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