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Paige No words could accurately depict the atrocities of the Holocaust , but the narrative of Leon Sperling, as told by Marc Garrett, is so raw that anyone who reads it is impacted. Sperling endured more as a 14 year old boy than most do in an entire lifetime. Without explanation or reason, his life was stripped while good people did nothing. This narrative leaves a shocking revelation about human nature; most people are completely self-absorbed. How a couple could leave a small orphaned boy alone, being hunted and how a once neighbor could throw that same boy to a certain death is exactly why people must read stories such as these. Our children must be taught - not kept naive to the atrocities of the world. This is exactly why banning novels to protect our youth disgusts me. Without exposing the problem, we will never be safe from its awful recurrence. No parent should have allowed their child to be prancing around while others were being tortured. I applaud the people, like Tasha’s boyfriend, who truly are selfless. But the truth is these people are few and far between. It is saddening to think these horrifying stories must be shared in order to invoke change, but if it is the only way to ensure it, it must be done.

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Max Paige, you are absolutely right! The inhumanity of the Holocaust was staggering, and even today, inhumanity exists in far too many places across the globe. It is only through remembrances such as these, told so powerfully, with such vividness and clarity, that good people can connect to these events of the past, and to be energized to stop them from happening again. One of the best 10 page reads anyone will ever read.

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