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A Child Called "It" (Dave Pelzer, #1)
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A child called it

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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 16 comments A Child Called It
Hannah Larkin

The book I read is about a boy named David, that takes place at David’s house and the school. The conflict of the story is that he gets abused by his mother and the nurse and the school is trying to understand how he got all the cuts and bruises. David keeps telling the police that nothing has been happening at his house with his mother and he said everything is fine between his mother. He doesn’t tell them that he sleeps in the basement in a cot where it is really cold and he has no blanket. Also his mom does a whole bunch of troubled things to David but she doesn’t do it to her other kids she only does it to David. Some examples of what his mom did to him is that she hit him and made him eat his brother’s poopy diaper and she gave David cold water bath and put his head under water and tried to drown him.

My opinion about this book is that it is very sad and disturbing to hear what David’s mother did to him and how no one found out what was going on. It is scary to think how it was kept a secret and that she never did anything to the other kids. How no one did anything to help David out it and it just kept happening must have made him very angry. Also it was bad when his mom kept changing her feelings. She was angry with him one minute and then she was happy and acting like a happy mother then she changed back to the angry mom. I wish they made another book about this because it was enjoyable to read. The writing style of the book was good because it was a true story and I could feel what he was feeling and saying while I read this book. The pace of the book was simple, easy, and calm. I think the book was organized well because it told us what happened at the end of the book and it gave us a backstory of what happened. The bad thing about the book is they didn’t finish if he was safe or got rescued or if his mother went to jail for what she did to him. I suggest you read this book because it is a good book but there are many sad things that happen in this book.

message 2: by Des'Ree (new)

Des'Ree Henry | 16 comments Why do you think his mother only abuses David? And do you recommend this book?

message 3: by Patricia (new)

Patricia | 12 comments I really want to read this book now! Did you ever cry when reading this book?

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 16 comments Patricia wrote: "I really want to read this book now! Did you ever cry when reading this book?"

no I didn't cry but it was a really hard book to read because it was really sad . but I like the book because it was a mystery.

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 16 comments Des'Ree wrote: "Why do you think his mother only abuses David? And do you recommend this book?"
I think that she only abuses David because she didn't like him and that he was a trouble kid. I do recommend this book because it a good book and it a mystery but it is also sad and disturbing.

message 6: by Ur (Maddie) (new)

Ur (Maddie) Mom (Miles) | 13 comments This book seems interesting to me especially considering that its a true story. Do you think that this book was written well?

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy B | 10 comments This book sound sad and you have a heart for someone. Great job on this summary

message 8: by Jami (new)

Jami Wallace | 14 comments Why do you recommend this book? Is there anything that you liked about this book? Why do you think David's mom only abused him?

message 9: by Erika (new) - added it

Erika Thorsen | 47 comments Mod
There are actually two more books! The first is The Lost Boy, and next is A Man Called Dave. You should read them!

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