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What do you want to Rp? Any ideas?

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Well I have a lot of paranormal romances. Would you like to do a highschool geek and popular romance?

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Haha, sure :D

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Okay do you want to be guy or girl? Plus do you want to be popular or geek?

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I'll be the popular guy. I need to work on RPing guys anyway.

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Okay cool. I'll be the unpopular girl.

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Great. How do you them to meet and fall in love yadayadayada?

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The whole damsel in distress. She likes him and when he stands up for her they start to become friends. Then when she is attacked or something we can make it where they fall for each other.

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Haha, okay. Shall we make our characters?
Do you like doing detailed characters or simple?

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Alittle of both.

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all right :)

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name: Lucinda Blake
age: 17
gander: female

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{Name} Daniel Reynolds (Danny)
{Age} Seventeen Years of Age
{Gender} Male

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Would you care to start? We can make it where they are in class together and his friend is picking on her.

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Alright, sure thing! :D I'll just have him enter the class and then your character can come in, and then his friend will start picking on her.


Daniel and his friend, Xavier headed towards Literature/English class, shoving each other jokingly in the halls. Once they entered the classroom, all eyes- well, female eyes, went on them. Daniel was probably the most popular guy at school; and all of the girls wanted a chance to be with him. Winking at them cockily, Daniel strode to a seat and sat, his friend Xaiver sitting in the seat next to him.

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Lucinda in sun glasses and a leather jacket over a long black sun dress with attached chains walked into the classroom alone. She watched her feet as she made her way to her seat behind Daniel Reynolds. She knew people were staring but she didn't show them that it bothered her.

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Xavier looked over at Lucinda, and said loudly,"Oh look, it's freak girl!"Roars of laughter rang through the room. Only one person wasn't laughing. Daniel. He bit his lip slightly, playing with the lip ring. He never did like it when Xavier bullied people..Danny felt uncomfortable and guilty that he was friends with a guy who bullied people. After a few seconds, Daniel spoke up."Xavier, stop."The room immediately hushed up, not a word spoken.

"Come on man, i was just playing around."Xavier said, frowning a bit.

"Bullying someone who never did anything to you is your idea of "playing around"?" Daniel demanded.

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Lucinda more focused on hiding her face was even surprised at Daniel's words. Yes she knew he was a nice guy but why would he care about his friend bullying her? Its not like he had before. She looked up at him through her hair and gave him a half smile. "Thank you." she mouthed.

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(I am going to sleep, it's midnight here. I'll reply in the morning. Goodnight! ^-^)

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((Alright good night.))

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((I'm just bouncing right now :P Meh can't sleep.))

Danny noticed Lucinda mouth a silent thank you to him. He gave her one of his cute smiles before turning back to his friend.

Xavier was completely silent."You're too serious."He finally said. And with that he stood up and stormed out of the room.

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Lucinda smiled back and went back to looking at her notebook. She gave a small laugh that sounded like a bell when she heard Xavier's comment. "You didn't have to do that." she murmured her voice sweet sounding like a doll.

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Rolling his eyes at his friend who left the room, Danny turned back to talk to the girl; Lucinda was her name, he thought."Yes I did."He shrugged,"He always takes things too far."He muttered, talking about Xavier.

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"I'm use to people saying things about me especially him. It doesn't work when he's my neighbor. Thank you though but honestly I don't think he'll stop." she replied with a small smile. Daniel was nice and he helped her she had to say she was grateful.

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"I'll talk to him later."Daniel sighed. He never thought his best friend since Elementary was capable of being this horrible to other people.

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"Thank you again. I'm Lucinda by the way." she said kind of wondering if he didn't know her name.

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Lucinda..so he was right! Slightly proud that he remembered her name, he said,"I'm Daniel. Well, I guess you already knew that..but.."voice trailing off, he blushed a bit.

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Class had started but all that they were doing was watching a movie. "I know your name." she said with a slight smile. She took off her sunglasses to show bright violet eyes.

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He laughed softly, not really paying attention to the movie. When Lucinda took off her sunglasses, revealing pretty, rare violet eyes, Daniel said,"Wow. That's a rare eye color. It's so..wow."

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"I know that's kind of why I wear the glasses all the time. Teachers don't really care as long as I do my work." she told him. "I was wondering why you stood up for me? I mean I'm not really a popular person or on of your friends." she stated.

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"You shouldn't wear glasses over them. They're lovely."He murmured, before saying in a normal voice,"Well, I just felt tired of sitting in the shadows and watching stuff like this happen.."he shrugged."I felt guilty, i guess, for never doing anything. I guess i finally decided to change that."

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"You're the first person to think so." she told him. "Well Im glad you did." she said putting her glasses back on as the bell rang. She stood from her seat and smiled at him. "Thank you again Daniel." She said as she headed to the door to leave.

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"Uh, yeah, erm, no problem."He said, standing up also, stumbling over his chair a bit during the process, but regaining his balance.You've never stumbled nor stuttered around a girl. What's gotten into you? He shook his head, watching her leave, in a daze.You don't like her, now, do you? You barely know her.

(Skip to lunch in the cafeteria? He'll go sit by her or something :P)

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((Okay ;)))

Lucinda as usual sat at a table alone. She had a book and her lunch sitting in the table. She didn't really eat but she drank her bottle of water as she read her book.

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Luke finally got his food from the lunch line, a hamburger sitting on the flimsy white tray, with an apple and a bottle of water. He looked around, faintly noticing almost everyone waving him to their table. He walked past them, ignoring Xavier's glares, and headed toward Lucinda."Aren't you going to eat?"He asked with a smile, sliding his tray across from her and taking a seat.

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She looks up at him. "I normally don't. Plus aren't you at the wrong table? I mean what would your friends think of you sitting with a the freak girl?" she asked through the dark curtain of her hair as she continued to read.

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"Why?"He pressed, hoping she wasn't anorexic or something. He shrugged at her comment."I don't really care what they think."

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"I'm a vegetarian." she told him. "If you say so Daniel. Its kind of social Siberia over here though." she told him putting down her book and looking at him as she took of her sunglasses. Her violet eyes bright in contrast to her pale skin and dark clothes. She didn't bother to tell him about Xavier watching them.

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"Hm... A vegetarian. Cool."He responded, looking down at his hamburger."Well, erm, want my apple?"

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"No thank you. I'm just not hungry." she told him. "May I ask why you are sitting with me in the first place?" she asked as she took off her leather jacket revealing tattoos on her arms.

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"C'mon, you have to eat."He urged."and...well, i dunno why.I just..want to get to know you better."

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She sighed and picked up a piece of celery from her tray taking a bite of it. She swallowed and looked at him. "Happy?" she asked with a smirk. "What do you want to know?" she asked sipping her water.

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(( Hello?))

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"Not really."He shrugged."A bite of celery isn't that filling, you know."He smiled again, before saying."I don't know..just..tell me about yourself."

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She smiled and laughed a little. "True." she said and finishing the celery stick picking up her orange peeling it as she spoke. "There really isn't much to tell." She actually had a lot to tell but didn't feel like talking about her life.

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((Sorry i wasn't in the rping mood xD))

"Of course there is. Everyone has a story to tell."Danny said wisely. The bell rang, and he stood up,"Well, see you later. I believe we have art class together next period."He gave her a small smile, before walking off.

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((Its okay.))

She laughed surprised that he even noticed her at all in the first place. "You can sit next to me in class if you want." she told him picking up her bag and heading to class.

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