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Jamie (wonderwaugh79) | 45 comments Mod
The Devil in the White City Epilogue; Chapters 54-57 discussion

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Kirsten (xfkirsten) | 19 comments I just finished reading this one, and WOW, I can see where this book had a heavy influence on the episode! Even Sofia was mentioned in the book. Cracker Jacks, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Roosevelt's appearance, the Ferris wheel, and a dozen more places, things, and people that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

One detail did make me think about the difference between the new and old timelines in Timeless. The killing of the three Pitezel children seemed to be what grabbed the attention of newspaper readers, horrified that anyone could do that. Since in the new timeline, Holmes is killed just a month into the fair, does he have the same impact on the public's view of such crimes? Clearly there's still the shock factor of the murder castle, and the murders that he had committed to that point, but is it enough to launch the idea of a "serial killer" into public consciousness? Or does it take another psychopath somewhere down the line to bring that kind of atrocity to the public's attention?

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Jamie (wonderwaugh79) | 45 comments Mod
Oh wow, I hadn’t thought of that!

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Jamie (wonderwaugh79) | 45 comments Mod
I really enjoyed this novel as well! I honestly didn’t know so many historical figures (and future figures) and inventions can out of this event. Timeless definitely did a great job with the episode and keeping it true to events. I was taken aback by how Holmes was able to charm people for so long and people seemingly turned a blind eye. I am very impressed by how the author was able to weave both lives together and not make the story a jumbled, jumpy mess.

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