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message 1: by Anna (last edited Jun 02, 2018 09:03PM) (new)

Anna (annaelizabeth12) Hey there! I'm a fairly new beta reader looking to offer my services as a history/film & tv college student. I've been writing for nearly my entire life and used to beta read a fair bit back in high school.

I am more than open to any genre - and I pretty much read everything - but am particularly interested in historical fiction.

For those who do write historical fiction:
although I cannot promise to entirely correct historical accuracy, much of my knowledge is geared towards these specific periods: England in the late 15th century (Wars of the Roses), Britain & Ireland from the Glorious Revolution through 1940s, American history from the 1700s through early 20th, WWI internationally, and the Franco-Prussian War.

For those who are interested, I'd prefer to focus on big picture/developmental critiques rather than line edits. I may point out larger errors I see but I'll focus more generally on the plot, characters, etc. and their development!

As an FYI, I do work full-time during the summer but have prioritized time in the evenings and the weekends to respond and will let you know in advance my conflicts.

If you're interested, please email me at: I'm happy to read full manuscripts as well as individual chapters, and I'll give you an estimate of how long it will take for me to critique. Thanks a ton, and looking forward to reading your awesome work!

message 2: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Newcastle is a 182030-word historical fiction about the Richards family, based on the plantation named Newcastle in South Carolina. The novel follows the family from the period just after the Revolutionary War to the opening days of the Civil War. The slave conversations in the opening chapters are written in Gullah the original slave language translated to English by footnotes.

message 3: by Elaine (new)

Elaine Marsh (ekmarsh) | 22 comments Hello, Anna! Your background and interests make me think that you might be interested in reading my MS, finished at 95,000 words. King of the Buckaroo Boys is the second book in a series featuring protagonist Charlie King (the first book, King of Hollywood, is unavailable for reading due to ongoing rewrites). Here's the blurb:

Grinding out serial Westerns and cut rate gangster films in late 1930s Hollywood, Clarion Pictures is a studio not quite on Poverty Row, but definitely in an adjacent neighborhood. When a cache of jewelry and cash goes missing from Clarion’s safe, studio boss Cornelius Klinker calls on his nephew, bit actor Charlie King, to investigate. In spite of being a devotee of hard-boiled crime fiction, Charlie is reluctant to play detective himself…until his uncle dangles a prime role under his nose and Charlie finds himself knee deep in the search for the culprit.

It’s a mystery that would challenge even his PI heroes, but then Sam Spade probably never had to contend with the loopy assortment of friends and family that distract Charlie from his investigation. Whether he’s trying to shield his beloved mother from the advances of a shady German industrialist, reunite a pair of broken hearted friends, or protect his naïve cousin from a conniving platinum blonde, there’s no lack of complications to frustrate and bewilder the good-hearted Charlie. Throw in a child star with a penchant for mayhem, an obsessive, lovesick dog and the unwanted attentions of a sexpot starlet, and it’s no wonder that Charlie finds it so difficult to focus on the case at hand. With his uncle’s deadline looming and scant clues to be had, can Charlie recover the stolen loot and nab the breakthrough role he’s been waiting for?

Just looking for general feedback, and especially notes on structure. If you're interested, shoot me an email and I'll send you the MS.

message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert Brown | 68 comments Hi, Anna!

I'm looking for beta readers for my 110k near-future, slightly dystopian SF novel! I would love to have the view of a woman because I am hoping that I've surrounded my male lead with strong but realistic women, including his daughters. Please email me if you are interested after reading the synopsis: tonchyaku-at-gmail-dot-com.

The short story: Tenjō Edwards is a martial arts instructor (and almost ex-professor) living in a near-future Los Angeles when a nuclear attack forces him to act first to protect his daughters and the others at his dojo. Once he knows they are safe, he decides he must also navigate a maze of radioactive fallout and martial law to locate his lost wife somewhere in the evacuation zone. Written from third-person (limited) point of view, there's a little violence, some dystopia, and an unobserved rape in a story that occurs over two days.


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