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The Boy on the Bridge (The Girl With All the Gifts, #2)
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Elise (ellinou) *Sequel/prequel to The Girl With All the Gifts*

This story happens not long before TGWAtG, but in a different place and with a different set of characters. It’s been ten years since the Breakdown, the start of the hungry plague (the moment when the world got zombified, basically) and a small crew of 8, soldiers and scientists, leave Beacon, the last human outpost in the UK, aboard a fortified bus-lab with flamethrowers to search for a possible cure. One of the crew is 15-year-old Stephen Greaves, an autistic genius, who is possibly their best chance of finding said cure.

At first, I was going to rate this book a bit lower, because since it is a prequel to the other one, much of the questions they raise we already have the answers to. Like, we know their mission is doomed to fail, because if it had succeeded we would have known about it. And they spend chapters wondering what the mini-hungries are, while we already spent an entire book with them, so know exactly what and who they are.

But despite that, I felt the same kind of excitement reading it as I did with TGWAtG. That feeling when you keep saying “just one more chapter” and before you know it you’ve read 100 pages and you’re way past your bedtime. I think on the whole I got less attached to these characters than to the set in The Girl, but they were still very well written and perfect to read.

The thing that definitely pushed this review into 4-stardom was the epilogue. It takes place 20 years later, so after The Girl also, and could be an epilogue to that one too. It brings both stories together perfectly, and brings an awesome conclusion to the whole universe created. Before the epilogue, I would almost have recommended reading The Boy before The Girl, since it doesn’t spoil anything, but now, the perfect order might be The Boy minus the epilogue, then The Girl, then the epilogue of The Boy. It would be the completely chronological sequence of events, if not the publication order.

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Amy N. | 256 comments I was reluctant to give this one a try because of what you just mentioned: it's a prequel so we already know what happens. But I might read it just for that epilogue.

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annapi | 5153 comments I loved The Girl, but have yet to read this. Too many books...

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