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Catherine | 44 comments Discussion thread for sections 4 to 6.

Catherine | 44 comments Wow, this book is amazing! I loved the story about the tailor with the pregnant wife. Grace is just incredible. What a powerhouse she was.

This is the first time in a long time that I like a book so much that I'm tempted to call in sick to work tomorrow so I can stay home and read. (I can't do that -- I have a project due tomorrow.) Luckily I'll have time to read this weekend.

Shannon | 3 comments How amazing is Grace? Even though she was a woman of means, she cared about the poor of New York City. Reading about the People's Law firm was eye-opening for me. In the episode Grace comes across as slightly cold, so I was not expecting her tireless fight to help poor immigrants. It was a pleasant surprise.

Catherine | 44 comments I agree with you, she did seem cold during the Timeless episode. I think they just wanted to imply that she was very smart and didn't suffer fools. It's amazing that her law firm took on so many cases!

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Lorianne | 6 comments I agree. I loved reading about her “little cases” and heart for the poor. And she was so brave - especially with her trip to the South and dealing with the Black Hand.

Ronnie (camerata) | 4 comments What I love about this book so far is that it really brings the New York of the time to life. All the tension that simmered there simply because the city was a melting pot is fascinating. I enjoyed reading about the little cases and I admire Grace for what she did for all those people who had no one else to turn to.

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