Force of Nature (Aaron Falk, #2) Force of Nature question

How many of you have read 'Force of Nature' by Jane Harper
Sujan Azad Parikh Sujan Azad Jun 02, 2018 01:48AM
Five women go on a hike. Only four return. When a group of colleagues are forced to participate in a team-building exercise in the Giralang Ranges, they reluctantly start walking down the muddy track. I am planning to read it, so how is it? Anything interesting? - Sujan Azad Parikh.

This book was good, but I really liked The Dry better.

I thought it was excellent, very well paced, and a solid follow-up to "The Dry." I had read this in tandem with our book club pick (a legal thriller) that used a similar storytelling device (shifting from one time frame to another) - I thought Harper did it much better. I also found it to be quite cinematic, something that would do well as a film.

I think if you like Jane Harper, you would like Chris Hammer's book, Scrublands, followed by the book, Silver. (I'm reading Silver right now).

Janet Thanks for the recommendation!
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I enjoyed this book (just finished a couple of weeks ago). Agree that The Dry was better!

I've read it, and actually preferred it to 'The Dry'. Jane Harper is great for evoking Australiana without the cliches - it kept me guessing until the end.

Force of Nature is definitely worth a read. Like others here, I liked The Dry better but that doesn't mean you should skip her second Falk novel. And I'm looking forward to reading The Lost Man, although it is not an Aaron Falk novel.

I preferred The Dry to Force of Nature because I felt the characters had more depth and also the hometown connection to Aaron Falk amplified the suspense factor.
I found the back story of most of the characters in Force of Nature to be depressing, and the loss of life tragic, instead of suspenseful. Overall, not my favorite series, but "to each their own"

My first book from this author. Not the first in the series, but it never minded in comprehension.

I just finished it and would not recommend it. It was an easy read but the characters were not solid. The entire plot depended on the women being both in competition and suspicious of each other. Also, Falk and Carmen's interaction seemed unrealistic and just thrown in.

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Miss Alexandra I agree Karin. I’m surprised many prefer this over The Dry and Lost Man. I could’ve easily put this book down, whereas the others held my interest muc ...more
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Great book, preferred it over "The Dry". This book has less of Falk's history and more about his career. Plus we are teased by his relationship with the agent he is working with, wonder if any of that will continue in book 3.

I agree with those who liked The Dry, but The Lost Man is probably my favourite! I really enjoy Jane's books, just hoping there will be more.....soon.

I really enjoyed this book, especially the structure which kept moving from the investigators to the five women and back. It kept me reading and trying to work it out. Didn't work it out (Unusual for me)_ and was very surprised by the ending. Loved the book.

I have read all of her books and really enjoyed them all.

I loved The Dry, but I think I preferred Force of Nature. They are both excellent reads so that's hard to say, to make that decision that one is better than the other. The beauty of Force of Nature is it's so different to The Dry, yet still holds on to Aaron's character. Jane Harper is a great author. Definitely read it. Whether you find it better or not than The Dry it's still a fantastic book on its own.

This was good, characters were believable but it felt a bit too long winded in sections. And different from the atmospheric The Dry and The Lost Man. I loved her outback characters in the other books. These female characters just weren’t the Same. Great author though and can’t wait for her next offering.

I really enjoyed this book & preferred it to The Dry

I don't care what the purpose of the hiking exercise was, no reputable business would send such a poorly prepared group into the bush. Some of the women were inappropriately attired for walking in wet and muddy conditions, there was a single paper map for the group, they couldn't start a fire and yet one of them was smoking. The business organising such an exercise would lose their licence to operate. Such glaring flaws rendered the book unenjoyable for me. Of course it had to be the "stupid" women that experienced problems rather than the group of men who were directed on a different path.

I read it and enjoyed it very much. I am on the waiting list for her next book.

It's an entertaining read, slightly thriller / mystery. Like Karen I didn't guess "who done it." I would recommend reading it. it's worth the few days of reading investment.

I just finished it a few days ago. I liked the characters and their development more in The Dry, but this story was a little more unpredictable. Both held my interest.
I really like this kind of mystery/thriller. More of a who-done-it with not so much creepy-scary stuff (ie: Jack Reacher Novels). I am looking forward to the next Aaron Falk novel.
If anyone has any similar book, author, or series recommendations similar to this style, please pass along!

I read it and really liked it. Like Janet, I like this kind of mystery/thriller. I am looking forward to her next book. I also liked The Dry but I think Force of nature was my favorite.

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