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May 2018: Family Drama > Idaho - Emily Ruskovich 2.5/5

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Nicole D. | 1497 comments review to come

Nicole D. | 1497 comments The synopsis of this book was generally correct, and still intriguing to me even after having read the book. However, the book didn't live up to the description. I mean, yes something unimaginably shocking happens and yes, it pretty much impacts all the characters, but it's a weird event Like so weird I kept thinking it wasn't going to be what it seemed on the surface. What it was on the surface was that someone related to the author wrote a song and I think she may have built this whole book around it.

Alas ....

There was also a gigantic loose end, and for the amount of time it got in the story to literally never have any inking what happened was really disappointing. I mean, I generally don't mind loose ends but this was ridiculous.

This was probably more of a two-star book, but I'm giving the characters the benefit of the doubt because the audio narrator's voice was so godawful that I'm attributing some of my dislike for them the the narrator. That's being generous though because I know in my heart that the characters were awful.

Has anybody else listened to this? Those were some seriously messed up vowels.

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