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message 1: by N.R.Hall (new)

N.R.Hall | 12 comments Hi, I have an erotic fiction book that’s needs editing, about 119,00 words. It’s my first book so unsure where to go.


message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol Tietsworth | 196 comments I'm an experienced copy editor and proofreader. An erotic fiction of 119 k? First I offer a free 500 word sample, then charge a reasonable .004/word for copy editing, as well as proofreading. 119k-minus 500 is 118,500 times.004/word is $474.00. USD. I require half to start and half at the end. Half is $237.00 and it would take me approximately two weeks, or less.

message 3: by Clare (new)

Clare | 10 comments Good Afternoon Nadine,
I just wanted to reach out to find out if you found an editor for your erotic fiction novel yet?

If you have not, I would love to discuss the project with you.

Please send me an email at cflockton@gmail.com, and we can discuss your project in detail.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Clare Flockton

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