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Brian (oscart) The Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four, for years, remains mostly intact, though long deserted.

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Brian (oscart) Ariadne stood on the observation deck of the Baxter Building and looked out across New York toward the crumbling remains of Avenger's Mansion. She shook her head sadly at the devastation, knowing, in her heart, that it was doubtful the building would ever be used again. Not unless someone with Tony Stark or Reed Richards kind of money could be found.

She slowly moved away from the railing toward the tent she had set up on the balcony. She held out her left hand and a fireball appeared in her palm. She casually tossed it into the pile of firewood she had earlier stacked and smiled as the pile burst into flames.

She located a can of hash beef in her backpack and ripped the top off the can, then set it in the fire to heat. She sat down in a camp chair and waited.

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Blythe stood outside the doors of the Baxter Building, surveying it for a moment. Though the structure was intact one look through the windows made it obvious that no one had resided here for quite some time. She looked over her shoulders quickly before pulling open one of the double doors and making her way inside. She walked into what appeared to be a lobby of sorts and she figured that the rest of the building was comprised mostly of office spaces, save for the top floors which she knew once housed the Fantastic Four.

Her grey eyes narrowed as she glared at the elevators in frustration, knowing there was no way they were working anymore. After grumbling to herself she set about finding the stairs, not bothering to be quiet as she began to work her way up. Blythe figured there was no way she would be making it to the top floor - climbing up thirty flights of stairs sounded like a workout she didn't want, thank you very much - and planned to make-do with the space she found whenever she got tired.

If I'm lucky I'll be able to find the observation deck at least, she thought to herself. It would be nice to crash somewhere she could see the stars and think of home.

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Brian (oscart) Ariadne was startled to hear what she thought were noises of entry up the vacated elevator shafts. It appeared that someone was encroaching on her chosen territory. She moved from the observation deck to the bank of unused elevators and stuck her head out into the shaft. Sure enough, she could hear someone moving about the lobby area, and it sounded like they had decided to try the stairs. She whistled in respect, even for her a 35 story climb was a bit of a stretch.

She moved to the stairs and quietly descended to the 30th floor reception area and paused. She didn't know who was coming up, but decided this might be a good place to wait. Friend or foe, it would break up the usual monotony of her evening.

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) | 9 comments By the time Blythe hit the tenth floor she had to admit to herself that she was already getting tired. Her chest heaved as she took in deep breaths, attempting to keep them level and rhythmic as she continued to climb the stairs. Despite all of the running she had been doing since she had been on this planet stairs always seemed to get the best of her.

"Who needs a thirty-five story building anyway?" Blythe shouted to herself, her voice echoing in the empty stairwell. She ran a hand through her short, black hair and continued climbing for a few more flights before shaking her head. "Screw this," she mumbled to herself. Rather than continue the painstaking trek up to the thirtieth floor, Blythe decided to do something she should've done since floor one - levitate.

In a few minutes she had made it to the thirtieth floor, and her feet hit the landing with a soft thud. She opened the stairwell door and made her way into the room, which appeared to be another reception area. She didn't survey the room long, however, her grey eyes immediately focusing on the other girl in the room.

Blythe cocked her head to the side in thought, immediately noticing the girls violet eyes - now that wasn't something you saw everyday. "I didn't expect to find anyone in here."

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Brian (oscart) Ariadne stared back at the other girl and grinned. "I didn't expect to have visitors either." She moved away from the desk to give herself room to maneuver should the need arise. "Just curious, but if you could fly, why did you walk up the stairs so long?"

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) | 9 comments At her question Blythe's lips curved up into a broad grin and she gave a small shrug as answer. "I didn't think about it, honestly," she admitted, walking across the room to look out of the windows. Despite the late hour the city was still alive with lights. "Sometimes I kind of forget I can do it."

She had noticed the girl moving and had figured it was to give herself more room - a move Blythe thought was rather smart. She had no intentions of trying to pick a fight with the girl, but knew that if the roles were reversed she would have done the same thing. "So what are you doing here?" Blythe asked her, turning around and giving the girl her attention once more.

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Brian (oscart) Keeping her eyes on the stranger, Ariadne spread her arms and opened her hands. "I kinda live here," she told the other girl, "Got a camp, sort of, up on the observation deck. I guess I kinda appointed myself as temporary caretaker."

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Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) | 9 comments "Live here?" Blythe asked, eyebrows shooting up. She had lived in her fair share of abandoned buildings, but this girl didn't look like the type to do so. "What made you choose this building?"

To appoint oneself 'temporary caretaker' of a building, Blythe figured there had to be some sort of connection. Of all the abandoned buildings in the city, who decided to pick one that was so huge? She stood no chance of repairing the building herself - assuming that's what she even intended on doing.

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Brian (oscart) ((Not to worry, I'm willing to wait.))

"I spent a lot of time here growing up." Ariadne smiled with the memory of days spent in and around this building. "My folks were friends of the Richards' and the rest of the Fantastic Four. In fact, Reed and Sue were my godparents." She grinned a bit sheepishly. "Well we weren't really Catholic, but it's kind of the same idea."

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Blythe recognized the smile on the girls face - it meant she was thinking of a time when things were better. She could relate to the feeling. Luckily in the time she had spent here - as well as the stories she had heard from her father - she had an idea of the different superheroes on Earth and knew of the Fantastic Four.

"How did your parents know them?" Blythe asked curiously. She had visibly relaxed and hoped that the girl would do the same.

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Brian (oscart) Ariadne relaxed and smiled again. "My mom.....she kind of dated Johnny Storm for a long time, and then when Sue got pregnant, she took her place with the team. That was before she met my dad, though...long before I think."

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) | 9 comments Blythe's eyebrow quirked up upon hearing that and she chuckled. "What a claim to be able to make," she said with a laugh. "How cool do you think it'd be to claim you dated a super?"

To be fair, it wasn't that big of a deal for either of them, given that they had powers of their own. He didn't know what the girl could do but the violet eyes were a pretty good indicator that she wasn't what people would call normal. "Maybe someone will be able to make that claim off of us at some point," Blythe added with a grin.

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Brian (oscart) Ariadne looked a bit shocked at his comment, but the grinned widely. "I've got a ways to go before I can match my mother, and especially the Richard's family, but I'm trying." She relaxed even more, a bad habit she had been trying to get rid of, she trusted way too easily. "So what brings you to my humble abode?" She asked, trying to be formal, but the effect was lost when she giggled.

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) | 9 comments Blythe chuckled at that and made her way closer to the girl, falling to the ground and sitting cross-legged. "I was searching around for a place to stay the night," she told her. "I don't officially have a place I stay. I just wander around and typically find abandoned buildings to crash in. It just turned out that this one wasn't so abandoned after all," she told the girl with a grin.

She didn't particularly care much about the fact that she didn't have anywhere to stay - it was one little detail her father hadn't thought of when he dumped her on this planet. "So, I'm going to be blunt here," Blythe admitted, placing her elbows on her knees and resting her face in her palms. "What powers do you have?" Subtlety wasn't lost on her, but she was too curious to sit idly by and wait for a "good" time to ask.

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Brian (oscart) Ariadne didn't appear shocked by the question. She returned a wide-eyed look, making her appear even younger than usual. "I...uh, well see I kinda .....well, like dosed myself with cosmic rays and I kinda got powers like the Fantastic Four. I mean, like I can stretch, and turn invisible, and I'm strong, and can throw fireballs." She blushed, it was the first time she had told anyone. "What about you?"

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