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The Enemy (The Enemy, #1)
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The Enemy

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Notsogoodreads(Austin.H) | 8 comments Austin .H
The enemy by Charllie Higson
The enemy is the first installment of the series. The book is zombie themed with a twist. Instead of the normal ware zombies and humans of all ages only adults over the age of 18 can be zombies. It takes place in the center of London two years after the infection started. They built camp at a large grocery store after the initial brick out. With a lack of food, clean water and have picked the city clean of food all hope seems lost. when a kid named the Kid shows up and tell them of another group of kids in the outskirts that have a farm but lack the people necessary to maintain it. With no other chose Arran leads 50+ kids across a zombie infested city. The main characters are Sam who gets separated at the beginning and assumed dead, Arran the original leader, Enia, the kid he is from another group of kids in the outskirts of London, blue the second in charge and more.

I found the book to be quite enjoyable, being one of my favorite. The story ark is fantastic. Sam, Arran and Enia are my favorite character and set the reality of what it would be like. The book is gory and is not recommended light-hearted reads. This book shows how hard it would be for kids and teens to liv in a word infested with zombies. The infection itself is quite unique. As it only effects people over the age of 18. The book even stats that wen kids go from 18 to 19 they turn as well. This book wood be recommended for any one that can handle gore.

message 2: by Dylan (new)

Dylan | 12 comments I am the type of person that can enjoy reading books with horror and gore, so I might give this one a try. Were there any things that you didn't like about the book, or you think that the author could improve on?

Notsogoodreads(Austin.H) | 8 comments I read it in 8 grade so nothing i can remember off the top of my head.

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 16 comments This sound like an inserting book about zombies and humans. why did the human and zombies affect little kids like baby.

Notsogoodreads(Austin.H) | 8 comments It was mentally traumatizing.

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