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Scythe (Arc of a Scythe, #1)
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message 1: by Cruz (new)

Cruz Meza | 11 comments Scythe

By Neal Shusterman
Reviewed by Cruz Meza

This is a Sci-fi fantasy book about a Scythe who takes on two apprentices. next it starts out with the Scythe who enters a house and the family that is there, and they fear him because of a rule that they make sure that the earths population is in check. And he has dinner with them and one of the children of the family ask is he was going to gleen them gleen is their way of saying kill or murder. So, he tells them he is to gleen their next-door neighbor. Any way he takes on two apprentices, but you can only have one so the story of how he does that and what they must do to stay together in this world of chose.

My thoughts where it is such a delightful book I couldn’t put it down. It shows a lot of what it takes to Remember you are human and even you must gleen it takes a toll on you mentally .it have a look of action, chose, love, drama and adventure with a twist of heart break. It shows what kind of scythe are there if they are good or bad, but I think my favorite is Rowen he is the one who shows he loves people and wants to keep his humanity for as long as he can .in my option is was a really good book I don’t have any problems with it just that the story ending was very powerful meaning.

message 2: by Hannah (last edited Jun 05, 2018 02:37PM) (new)

Hannah | 16 comments sounds like a good book and after this review I want to read this book now. why did he go to there house

message 3: by Des'Ree (new)

Des'Ree Henry | 16 comments Sounds like a really good book! What is your favorite part of the book? And Is there a second book?

Sophia | 16 comments I read this book a month or two ago, and I ended up really enjoying it and blew through it in a week and then finished the sequel, Thunderhead. There's going to be a third book that'll be released in 2019, so I hope you're looking forward to that too.

message 5: by Isaiah (new) - added it

Isaiah | 11 comments it sound like a really good book. i really wanted to read it.

message 6: by Andres (new)

Andres | 3 comments I don't really read Sci-fi fantasy books but this sounds like a good book to pick up

message 7: by Erika (new)

Erika Thorsen | 47 comments Mod
How are people picked to be gleaned and how are others picked to be Scythes?

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