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Darkfall (Eye of the Draco, #1)
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Read 4 Review > DARKFALL (Eye of the Draco, #1) an apocalyptic adventure by Kadin Seton

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Kadin Seton | 4 comments Number of copies available for review: 10
Format available: PDF, MOBI, EPUB

Most of our family and friends were dead and there was nothing the remaining few could do about it. It’s hard to wrap your mind around losing just about everyone you know and love within such a short span of time. Afterwards you’re not the same; you’re more like a fraction of yourself, with a tangle of terrible emotions to deal with.

Our executioners came from an unknown location beyond the distant constellation Draco. Within days our home became another acquisition in the long-term planetary expansion of an alien species. The plan to exterminate the indigenous population of Earth was executed so rapidly that most people didn’t know what was going on until it was too late.

At first the Draco weren’t concerned over a few missed survivors. Once we found each other, we divided into sectors and went into hiding. I ended up reporting to Sector Three. Our leader, nineteen-year-old Henry Reynolds, assigned every member a rank and responsibility. We adopted a strict military lifestyle, learned survival techniques and experimented with weapons. By adapting our minds and leveraging our strengths, our team became more than the sum of its parts.

We were young, but we were also determined and innovative. As the enemy refueled their hunt to erase humanity, Sector Three grew into a unified band that would not go down without a fight.

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Review score: 19 reviews/ 4.8 rating

Jordan (dabink) | 4 comments Sounds interesting....I'll read and review it, if you still have copies available :-)

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Kadin Seton | 4 comments Thanks Jordan! Can you direct message me with your email address and preferred file type (or post here)? :)

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