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message 1: by Vasil (new)

Vasil  | 6 comments Hello,
Looking for a book about a man who achieves his dream and goal.
My favorite book in this area is Marten Eden by Jack London. I have also read The The Fountainhead, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

message 2: by Vasil (new)

Vasil  | 6 comments Up :)

message 3: by Keith (last edited Jun 25, 2018 02:23PM) (new)

Keith | 223 comments I assume you're specifically looking for books where the protagonist achieves personal goals/dreams (as opposed to altruistic, self-sacrificing ones and/or ones which involve preventing something bad from happening) and this is presented as a good thing (as opposed to books where the protagonist achieves his goals but "loses his soul" or finds the outcome isn't to his liking, or where his goal is harmful, as in books with a villain protagonist).

I'm finding it tricky to think of books for this (and others may have too). I think it can be hard for authors to make this kind of narrative work well without descending into wish-fulfillment, grandstanding or just a simplistic story without "twists". I'm also, to be honest, not a great fan of the heroic narrative (seen in self-help books among other places) where people have an often selfish "dream" or "passion" and base their whole life around it, often explicitly regardless of other people's objections. It's notable that of the three examples you mention, one (the Jack London one) was apparently said by the author to be a critique of individualism (i.e. the hero achieving his goals was not necessarily to be seen as good) and one (The Fountainhead) is by the founder of Objectivism.

Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome by Robert Harris could qualify, being an account of the real historical figure Cicero's rise to power.

message 4: by Cally (new)

Cally | 29 comments Not sure it is the type of thing you are looking for but maybe A Street cat Named Bob. It is a movie and a book, both amazing, sad and uplifting. Maybe not what you meant but still very good!

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