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Ceelee | 211 comments Been reading quite a bit this month. I finished three books: ALL THE BEAUTIFUL LIES by Peter Swanson and DEAD WAKE by Erik Larson. The first was an excellent psychological thriller and the second an excellent history of the sinking of the Lusitania. I learned a lot from this book! I am really into the early 20th century so I gobbled up all the details. Great writer too. The actual details of the actual sinking of the ship and the stories of some of the people who died and survived was a little tough on my empathic self so I had to take a breather from the book but the entire book was engrossing to me. Also finished the silly ASKING FOR TROUBLE by Mary Kay McComas which was OK but didn't make me want to read any more by her.

I am almost finished with THE CHILDREN OF HENRY VIII by Alison Weir, only 60 pages to go! Very interesting read about Tudor England. Also have 258 pages left of SLEEPING BEAUTIES by Stephen King! YAY! I'm getting there! One of my Determination Reads is "A book someone recommended to you" and I am reading it now...THE DOG WHO RESCUES CATS by Philip Gonzales. It is so wonderful! I am a cat person all the way and my friend knew i would love it! I like dogs because my guy has a couple sweet doggies but cats are what really click with me.

Also still reading Amelia by Henry Fielding. Just too many other things to read. Have also read some of A LITTLE NIGHT MURDER by Nancy Martin which might actually be a better summer book than a winter book when i was reading it before and have gotten about 100 pages done in that. I am trying to read an ARC of LONG PLAYERS: A LOVE STORY IN EIGHTEEN SONGS by Peter Coviello but it is just not that good to me. The writing can be so pretentious and that style will turn off for me. I dislike pretentious people and pretentious books are even worse!

Started SUNBURN by Laura Lippman and liking it so far. I have always enjoyed her books. My copy is an ARC of the novel I received back in January but with everything going on with Mom and after her death I just couldn't get into it. That is OK...looks more like a summer book to me anyway! I am also planning on starting MY COUSIN RACHEL by Daphne Du Maurier which is one of the Group Reads for the GR Seasonal Reading Challenge Summer 2018 edition. I know I have read it before but don't remember it much and even seeing the movie on TCM didn't jog my memory much so it will be like reading ti for the first time. YAY!

Looking forward to some great reading in June and hope everyone else wile have a good reading month too!

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Ann (annrumsey) | 15085 comments Ceelee: good reading for last month and ahead for you! I also read and enjoyed Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania; the details and personal stories were fascinating and gave me chills. Sleeping Beauties was really good. I'm spending time with Uncle Stevie again this week with The Outsider
Its been fun discussing the group read books with you!

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